Saturday, April 25, 2009

date : 23th april 2009
time: 8.40pm

yess! ! had fun with my college girls( aiko,azzah,mieg and me) at azzah's house.. nice wey^^ we met up at azzah's house around 10am. We plan to do our assignment together, between all of them gonna used my laptop to do it because they didn't have time to installed the auto-cad software yet.. so lol.. azzah be the 1st person to used it before aiko and mieg came. After half an hour ,aiko and mieg came.. then both of us stare on azzah to do the auto-cad!! haha.. she feel 'pai seh' then rushly finish it turn to meig.

gosh!! mieg have a happy mood before I told her, her scale of the plan was wrong.. haha.. but it's definetly wrong what!! then she try to correct it but she not really well used auto-cad ( we just learned last week kays!) haha... so, I help her done her auto-cad plan lol T___T... beside I helped , aiko, mieg and azzah playing around la.. bullshit! finally, I done it lol... BUT next was aiko turn... guess what again?!!

yaya.. she don't know how to used auto-cad also!! turn up azzah helped her do the 1st part of the plan then I continue till the end... wuhhuuu how pity I am.. (kena bully by them)..

yeahhh!! finally was my turn to do the auto-cad but... HAHAHA... I forget to bring my plan lol.. so, I decide to do it myself at home after this..hiak hiakk..


was our cam whore time before left azzah'house.. we playing around at pool side and playground.. ( we planed to swimming, already prepared our clothes) but end up with cam whore beside haha... this is our style man!!

okays la.. lets picture to be..

meig, aiko, shan
aiko,shan, azzah
(what pose we act?)haha

azzah,mieg ,aiko

mieg and shan

shan and azzah

some of the picture didn't on my phone.. will post out after taking with azzah!! haha... nice nice.. ( we planning to go on this sunday again^^) haik hiakk...
yeahhh!!! I am going to the curve with baby ,baby's bro and baby's sis tomorrow... shop shoppe shopingggg... lalala lululu...
Is time for me to sleep..
goodie night night..
sweet dream ^^

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