Thursday, January 15, 2009

date: 14 Jan 2009
time: 11.26pm

today is my lovely laopo birthday.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YIE NY!! very sorry can't celebrate with you this year.. sob sob >.<... but don't worry lah.. ur present sure got ya... wakaka... muackss.. love o hugs~~

2 section for me to post in this blog ya... 1st am going to post out what am I did for yesterday... haha... which is met up with my crazy dude zhen xian wanted!!! haha.. babi xian came to kl for his cadet pilot interview again!! after he finished his interview.. we had a meet in pavilion.. then we went to 'wang kok restaurant' to have our lunch....he keep worry about his interview because all the things he going to memorize nothing come out also.. pop out some of the stupik calculation... ask him solve it on time in his mind wor... so he gonna fainted loll... who knows 30'C convert to 'F is how many o!!! used mind leh... sot de meh!! so he kepp worry will be failed on this interview loll... don't worry dude!! will be success de ya.. hehe... after lunch, we walk to time square for lepak lepak lolll... but we pass through all floor in time square nothing can do also.. so we decide to go cheong K in new way.. but too expensive already!! then change to watching movie because babi xian said he wanna to sleep inside the cinema... haha... we choose 'they wait' (a ghost story movie)... not bad not bad... quite scary lol( for me lah).. haha.. i keep scream during the movie.. then that stupik xian hor ( takut also but sangat mau muka loll didn't scream out but keep said lets go out lah... don't want to watch already) haha.. lalala>.< but we didn't do it lah.. 怕死都要看完!!! wakaka...
after movie, we though can meet up with my dear but he haven finish his class yet so we taking picturer around loll..

cam hore!! cam hore!!!!

around 6 smth, dear called me because he finish his class already.. so we walk to kl plaza to meet with him.. after that ,we walk back to pavilion.. because xian want to take picture with the gold cow decoration in fornt of the pavilion.. so am be his photograph.. haha... ( sorry others pic was in dear's phone so can't show out ya) haha... after cam hore, balik rumah for a rest already.. haha... see u around soon in bp ya..
2nd part!! am going to post up what I did for today...which is skate with my fellow classmate at sungai wang... fun jor~ althought we keep falling down and ' make pai seh' but still keep as natural..wakaka... really muka tebal lah... lalala>.<.. at first, just loon and joseph know how to skate... but me, kahman,lushin and zens can't even balance when we land on the stage loll.. but we try and try and try!! fall and fall and fall!! finally all of us can skate without holding the side... yeahhh lets crap for ourself... hooray~~ after 1 hour ( if not wrong) all of us started playing and chase each other on the stage... really nice lah.. when u know how to skate!! feel the wind (like in heaven) haha... really really nice lah... I promise myself when free time sure come skate again again and again... lalala>.<>

at first we don't know how to skate!! scary man.. keep fall down until my pigu pain jor!!
*** lushin ***

*** kahman ***

after I know how to skate!! wakaka..
am proud for myself la..
is time for me to sleep^^
good night everyone...
have a nice sweet dream...
---the end--

Monday, January 12, 2009

date: 12 jan 2009
time: 4.16pm

am in bad mood now.. dunoe why?????!! hemppp..sob sob =.=
today having the 1st classes for my presentation drawing 1 which is combined with junior ID 2.1 student!!! omg>.< all of them are so 'lanci' lolll... damn fucker sial... thought all of u are SMOKER very pandai meh!!! cool? macam 'da kor' ??? body size bigger than us win meh?? ishhh.. macam kanasai loll... PLEASE la!!! all of u will mati cepat than us okie... lung cancer memang!!!!

yesterday I masuk emergency mar... ishh... TAWAKAL HOSPITAL at jalan pahang... because of XXXXXX ... my stomach damn pain leh.. macam gonna die on that time... can't breath also.. plus vomit also... damn lolll... when I reached tawakal hosp the male nurse pull out the wheel chair for me to sitted on... omg my god!! was my 1st time to sit on wheel chair mar... damn pai seh loll.. because i have no enegry to walked!!! no choice... lalala.. then they help me to move up to the bed... i rolling here n there!!! kicked here n there while waiting for the doctor!! pain jor... wait for a couple of mins, the doctor came and gave me a check out.. i shout out with the doctor.. " faster give me an injection... i cannot tahan anymore!!! " doctor shocked and talked with me... " ah mio, sabar la... bagi aku check dulu... baru boleh bagi injection... nanti i inject salah u mati.. mana boleh!!" ishhh.. talk with rubbish la... my body sweat not because am hot.. is 'mao leng han' lah... pengzzz... haha.. wait for a couple of mins again, one of the nurse come in and give me an injection... woww~ after injected i had no more pain anymore... ishh... babi doctor la... i sudah cakap dengan u mar... bagi inject sudah la... 'hai wo tong dao zhe yang jiu' !! slap u ar... lalala...

hope i won't get pain anymore lah.... please!!!
pain pain go away~ little shan shan wants to play~

-the end-

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

date: 6Jan2009
time: 12.23am

arghhhhh~ i yawnnnnnnn but my mind dunwan rest yet!! fuck off lahh... am prepared to sleep on 10pm just now!! after clean up, started to sleep dy.. BUT I don't know why????? can't sleep mar!!! lying here !! lying there!! change poseessss!!!! change placeeee!!! change angellllll!!!!! ishhh... sleepy mood please come forward on my mind!!! i can't meet u in my sweety dream... omg>.< i gonna mad soon lah.... tomorrow still got morning class leh... don't play me la... pleaseeee!!!!

now i gonna have a hot hot shower... drink a cup of hot hot milo.... hope i can sleep well later...
yawnn again again and again~~ yawnnnn~~

good night everyone!!!
have a sweet sweet dream ^^

Friday, January 2, 2009

date : 1 jan 2009
time: 10.22pm


A new year, a new hope, a new aim, a new target, a new of personality!!!

Fight for what I want in year 2009!! gambateh shan shan^^

开心的倒数派对。。 当时针指着凌晨12时正,大家一起高声欢呼‘新年快乐’。。 烟花洒满了整个天空。。 互相祝福,互相拥抱!!! 开心的迎接2009年的到来。。

我也不例外!!第一年在吉隆坡倒数新年还不错哦!玩得好疯哦。。吃完了火锅后,大家开始玩游戏咯。。甩摔子~~ 输家必需吃生青菜(超苦的)幸好我还蛮爱吃菜的所以不怕哦。。瓦卡卡。。但是阿亮跟姐姐就惨了!!大部分的青菜都是他们两个吃。。哈哈………… 过后,大家就坐在一起谈天讲废话。。 大家真的被robin弄到快要疯了!超搞笑的嘛。。害我的肚子被他笑到抽筋。。robin 你很有搞笑天分哦!没去当演员真是浪费。。哈哈~~ 接着就是玩我的克心“喝酒”。。一人有一次换牌的机会但我的运气还真是衰到咯!!每次都拿到接近最小点数的牌。。头几次都很幸运被跳过。。但是衰神总是在我身边吗!!!被惩罚的我只喝了小小半杯的‘heneiken' 就茫然然了。。真的是没用咯!!意识还有一点清醒的我已经吐到好辛苦了。。把一整天吃的东西都吐出来了!! 浪费到~~哈哈。。 在欢笑声不知不觉地度过。。 大家最终在早上4.30am 结束了一切回到了被窝里呼呼大睡。。哈哈。。。

很不错的夜晚,和大家一起疯闹。。。在2008年的最后一秒~紧接着2009年的第一秒~开心的和deardear 一起度过。。我爱你哦。。谢谢咯!! 新年快乐。。