Saturday, November 28, 2009

I'm so sad and lonely.
Suddenly, I felt so lost.
It hard to get back all the sweet memories.
Right now, I felt so dead.
After this situation, I'm gone.
I realized I've place X in an important part.
X might be become part of my life?
It become a quetion mark?? .
I'm down.
To the extent, I almost break down again.
As I think back now, I think this is crazy.
How can someone ever break me down?
I must be insane.
I just spend sometime, cool down my mind.
Praying. Thinking .Analyzing.

Finally, I can comprehend totally why this incident happened to me.
I did not blame God,
I did not blame others,
but I thank Him instead,
for revealing my weakness.
I’m blessed.
Indeed, a blessing in disguise.
I lifted up prayers of my fear & sadness.
I cry out for another chance.
I asked for hopes & U-turn.
But it won't be happen again.
I thank the Lord for His finished work.
I trust & rec’d all the blessing despite unhappy circumstances.
He sees my faith because I see grace in this current situation.
I pray so hard.
Bless him stay well, live well.
Bless him fullfill his dreams.
Bless him stay strong.
I Care You no matter what.
You will be stay deep in my heart.
Love . Hearts

Monday, November 16, 2009


raining day:)
feel so cold~
strong wind blow~
raindrops falling down!!
hav a bowl of ice cream..
everything feel so goood!!!
tsk tsk^^

Thursday, November 12, 2009


suffer alot!!
cant stand of u..
sicking wif ur action..
seems so childish and inmature!!
please wake up!!
face the fact!!
solve the problem!!
don't hide anymore!!
hurt alot of fren!!
suffer our fren alot!!
NON STOP!!!!!!!!!!!
stop it!! stop it!!!
no feeling!!
no tears!!
that I want to tell!!!!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Heart to heart

I need someone to talk to~
yie ny , where are u??
I need u so badly..
do know how to contact u..
I hurt! I hurt! I hurt!!!!
let everything to stop at here..
let me go..
god will punish me!!
I hurt myself..
I'm death at this second!!!