Saturday, April 25, 2009

date : 23th april 2009
time: 8.40pm

yess! ! had fun with my college girls( aiko,azzah,mieg and me) at azzah's house.. nice wey^^ we met up at azzah's house around 10am. We plan to do our assignment together, between all of them gonna used my laptop to do it because they didn't have time to installed the auto-cad software yet.. so lol.. azzah be the 1st person to used it before aiko and mieg came. After half an hour ,aiko and mieg came.. then both of us stare on azzah to do the auto-cad!! haha.. she feel 'pai seh' then rushly finish it turn to meig.

gosh!! mieg have a happy mood before I told her, her scale of the plan was wrong.. haha.. but it's definetly wrong what!! then she try to correct it but she not really well used auto-cad ( we just learned last week kays!) haha... so, I help her done her auto-cad plan lol T___T... beside I helped , aiko, mieg and azzah playing around la.. bullshit! finally, I done it lol... BUT next was aiko turn... guess what again?!!

yaya.. she don't know how to used auto-cad also!! turn up azzah helped her do the 1st part of the plan then I continue till the end... wuhhuuu how pity I am.. (kena bully by them)..

yeahhh!! finally was my turn to do the auto-cad but... HAHAHA... I forget to bring my plan lol.. so, I decide to do it myself at home after this..hiak hiakk..


was our cam whore time before left azzah'house.. we playing around at pool side and playground.. ( we planed to swimming, already prepared our clothes) but end up with cam whore beside haha... this is our style man!!

okays la.. lets picture to be..

meig, aiko, shan
aiko,shan, azzah
(what pose we act?)haha

azzah,mieg ,aiko

mieg and shan

shan and azzah

some of the picture didn't on my phone.. will post out after taking with azzah!! haha... nice nice.. ( we planning to go on this sunday again^^) haik hiakk...
yeahhh!!! I am going to the curve with baby ,baby's bro and baby's sis tomorrow... shop shoppe shopingggg... lalala lululu...
Is time for me to sleep..
goodie night night..
sweet dream ^^

Thursday, April 23, 2009

date: 22th april 2009
time: 11.49pm

Today I'm going to post in 华语!!!
(还不看在我daddy,mummy 有钱)

Monday, April 20, 2009

date: 20th april 2009
time: 8.33pm

A friend is...

Accepts you as you are

Believes in you

Calls you just to say HI

Doesn't give up on you

Envision the whole of you

Forgives your mistakes

Gives unconditinally

Helps you

Invites you over

Just be with you

Keeps you close at heart

Loves you for who you are

Make a difference in your life

Never judges

Offers support

Picks you up

Quiets your fear

Raises your spirits

Say nice things about you

Tells you the truth when you need to heard it

Understands you

Values you

Walks beside you

X-plain things you don't understand

Yells when you won't listen and

Zaps you back to reality

thanks for being my friends...

I appreciate it really really deeply..

love and hugs :)

Saturday, April 18, 2009

date: 18th april 2009
time: 4.26pm

woww~ T____T
I've been tagged by baby evie..
Upload ur favourite picturer and answer the questions below...

Why do you choose this photo?
erm.. this is 1 of the pic that almost all of my secondary school gang present in this pic..
1st roll from left to right: huishin,shinyin,jaslynn,yenting,peixin,jessie,eevon
2nd roll from left to right: zhangyi, mingsee,esther,siok hwa,siewteng,lipink,minhui,huingee,siewping, yeexuen and me
who not inside this pic (andrea,chaiyin,huihui,peipei,peishi,huiwen,christine,yenyin)
i think that all.. can't remember whoelse le.. sorry..
I miss them very much.. miss the time we sampat, laugh,cry, horny,kacau-kacau together de moment lol..
When is last time u ate Pizza?
last month i think.. had it wif my sister..
The last song you've listen to?
mamma mia..
What are you doing besides answering this tag?
msn-ing, eat-ing snack, sms-ing wif baby..
Beside your own name, how do u like people to call u?
ah shan, shan o, girl, babi shan, ah tut
( I hate people called my full name "Hong Shan Shan)
this is so rude i think.. 'mei li mao' haha..
Tag 6 person. The following question is related to them.
yie ny
chuin cherng
zhen xian
Who is No1?
my lovely baby.. thanks of his caring and love me..
I love u too
haha.. :)
No 3 have a relationship with?
mr melvin, MUST take good care of my darling jessie okay?
Say something about No5.
hutan boy aka tang, who brings alots of fun for us.. and sesat in perak to 'cari' pertol for us..haha^^miss your cold joke la..
How about No4?
black black kelly with a kind heart.. can sampat together with her everywhere okay!!
I miss u baby kelly..
Who is No2?
my besties sister, I can share everything with her, cry in front of her, don't worry to show out all my secret wif her.. I can play and chit chat wif her family closely..
I love u darling^^
Say something to No 6!
take care babi xian.. don't worry ya.. i'll take care myself d.. U also kays? don't skip ur meal hor..
remember our promise!!! gambateh gambeteh to chase our dream ya..
miss u..

Thursday, April 16, 2009

date: 15th april 2009
time: 11.28pm

last saturday( 11th of april), I went to zhen xian farewell party at night.. met up alots of old friends.. especially dar kahmun and yvonne( because we last meet at CNY till now).. haha.. nothing much to said la.. feel crying before left zx's house... but I know I can't cry, my tears cannot drop down because if one of us drop down our tears.. all will cry like hell... ( u guys get what I mean right) haha... so before left, give zx a big hugs and wishes.. but when I back home.. turn off my light, cry like hell inside the branket... gosh!!! haha.. ( don't scold me stupik ya..) tears drop down sendiri d... haha... okie la.. some of the photo took at zx's house...

I will miss u alots d.. babi xian..
take care urself ya..
gambateh gambeteh!!!
good luck to you -future-pilot boy...
chiao :)

Friday, April 10, 2009

date: 9th april 2009
time: 11.05pm

As normal as before..
after fetching baby had a short time walk in shopping complex..
this time, we choose sri hartamas shopping complex to be..
because of the more high class then others complex plus more easy to get parking at there...
haha.. sound 'colour water' right?
the purpose to went there was buy present for 1 of our friend..
but at last we didn't buy anything loll..
because of baby la..
girls sure won't be windows shopping what?!!!
must try or buy something right?!!
I try up 3 dress and 1 shirt.. I like them very much la..
but i didn't buy them also..
do u know why????
me: this looks nice right?
baby: ermm.. ok la.. try others let me see 1st..
me: ohz okie.. (try others then try lol)
me: then this 1 better than before anot?
baby: wah.. too short la.. u should wear a long jeans inside..
me: ( I was like.. ) too long for me already la.. where short wor..
baby: u go try another 1 again..
me: ( be patient because I want to buy them)
this one suit me le bah.. wont too short..
baby: huhhh... looks mature and so sexy meh!!!
me : ( i was... grrrr!! i want kill u ady)
then I return back all the dress to the worker..
me: thanks ya.. sorry to trouble u.. I will come again without my bf..
worker: Is ok... ( she smile with me with funny face)
then I walk into another shop.. this time I try a shirt..
me: I got try ya.. ( stare on baby with my big big eyes)
me: this 1 ok anot? shirt o.. wont too short! wont too sexy!! wont too mature!!
baby: (he was..) walao~ can don't want to buy this 1 anot!! people will 'lui bi xue' when saw u wear this shirt la...
me: calm down... ( change out and return to the worker again)..
baby: u really don't want buy ya? sure ya? if want then we return back to the shop..
me: I don't want la.. not nice mar.. too sexy liao..
baby: he was so happy ( i know la).. damnn la u...
so I promise myself.. next time wont buy shirt or dress when baby around..
just come out 'lepak' with my fren and buy them back ...
so he was no excuse to not allow me to wear them.. haha
because I'm already buy them back..
till here...
good night..
see u in bp..
p/s= going back to hometown again because of my grandmum bdy and farewell for zhenxian..
love and miss
hugs :)

Thursday, April 9, 2009

date: 8th april 2009
time: 10.44pm

Captain Issac aka zhen xian
(my dearst buddies)

This post are special for u..
he's sending off in 1 week time to HMA Langkawi Batch 26..
he's chasing his dream as a pilot in the no long time..
Your effort, we saw it budddies..
I'm still remember when you taking ur pilot test..
After finish ur test then we sure had a short time met at shopping complex..
On that time, u're so down man.. looks like ah pek xian..
You keep telling me.. 'no hope liao la!! so hard lol.. what calculation of that la..?
if i no get it wrong la..
bla bla bla..
At last, you success la.. botak xian^^ haha..
GOD lead you to the way u want!!!
So, appreciate much much ya..
Let's 'jia you' to chase our dreams kays?
I know you can do it..
I did it too!!!
feeling to tears when post until here wey...
don't so touch ya... i know i'm ur babi angel shan..
haha :)
Are u done prepared for everythings?
Sew baik baik and iron cantik cantik to wait me back on this saturday ya..
Cam whore is a MUST for us la..
Everyones agree right?
okays ya..
till here then..
continue after saturday night gathering..
Know the way to fly out.. don't forget the way to fly back ya..
take care and good luck again for u..
P/s= remember update ur new life for us okays? don't waste all of us help u to promote ur blog until u didn't update anything for us..
haha :)

love and hugs..

chio :)

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

date: 8th april 2009
time:2 38pm

Random I
wake up early morning..
'nua' on my bed--2hours..
bath--breakfast--fetch baby go for class
so now I'm alone with my 'sien'mood at home..
belove jessie:)
haha.. because of my forgotten on last post.. I didn't mention my belove jessie..
so now add-ing ya..
thanks her for fetching me around..
lepak-ing kat jalan-jalan..
fetched me went to sri gading JPJ to re-new my car licience..
fetched me went to carlie to take my licience and passport photo..
teached us play circle of death ( the game need to drink alots of water)!!!
because of these game..
I wake up at late night to 'pee pee' 5 times ..
my sleeping time gone laaa..
but really really fun la..
thanks jessie^^
love the one u love in deeply..
care the one who care u most..
had fun with the way u want..
hold tight with his hand when u feel hard..
don't cry hardly because u feel hurt..
smile always like u before..
u're the one I care most too..
love and care^^

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

date: 7th april 2009
time: 5.07pm

MISS me right? yaya,
is u..
who are view-ing my blog now...
(especially dearest evie...)
sorry for not update my blog after a few more weeks!!
here I'm to post my new bloggie for u guys..
1st, I'm just finished my semester break
and now
came back to kl again.. grrr..
I love my colloge ( I lie myself)
2nd, I had my wonderful time hanging out wif my gangs..
watched movie - fast and furious 4
sing K at dunoe that place called...
tasik Y -playing around..
pulling tea everywhere..
gaming- circle of death( jessie teached us 1)
drink alots of water on it man..
phewww~ but really fun la..
I love my besties :)
3rd, I'm feeling tired helping my parents around at shop..
but really treasure on it la..
because have more time to accompany family since I came to kl study..
I love my family :)
4th, I finally meet up with my baby yie ny..
last met was in before new year eve bah...
if not wrong la..
we'll never leave each other one day after right?...
( mr W, see ur baby is mine)..haha..
joke joke joke^^
5th, I'm going to meet 'lee hom' music man after few more hour..
he having a concert promote at solaris mont kiara..
plus my place really super duper near solaris mar...
so later will meet up wif min hui over there..
she is on the way to there by galaxy buses which is sponsor by galaxy..
I'm coming...
6th, tonight finally can see my baby already..
we never meet each other since last week jor..
he had class but I'm have my holiday at hometown...
yeahh yeahhh..
till here...
gonna take shower then fly to meet 'music man' liao...
SHAN treasure EVERYONE !!!!