Friday, April 10, 2009

date: 9th april 2009
time: 11.05pm

As normal as before..
after fetching baby had a short time walk in shopping complex..
this time, we choose sri hartamas shopping complex to be..
because of the more high class then others complex plus more easy to get parking at there...
haha.. sound 'colour water' right?
the purpose to went there was buy present for 1 of our friend..
but at last we didn't buy anything loll..
because of baby la..
girls sure won't be windows shopping what?!!!
must try or buy something right?!!
I try up 3 dress and 1 shirt.. I like them very much la..
but i didn't buy them also..
do u know why????
me: this looks nice right?
baby: ermm.. ok la.. try others let me see 1st..
me: ohz okie.. (try others then try lol)
me: then this 1 better than before anot?
baby: wah.. too short la.. u should wear a long jeans inside..
me: ( I was like.. ) too long for me already la.. where short wor..
baby: u go try another 1 again..
me: ( be patient because I want to buy them)
this one suit me le bah.. wont too short..
baby: huhhh... looks mature and so sexy meh!!!
me : ( i was... grrrr!! i want kill u ady)
then I return back all the dress to the worker..
me: thanks ya.. sorry to trouble u.. I will come again without my bf..
worker: Is ok... ( she smile with me with funny face)
then I walk into another shop.. this time I try a shirt..
me: I got try ya.. ( stare on baby with my big big eyes)
me: this 1 ok anot? shirt o.. wont too short! wont too sexy!! wont too mature!!
baby: (he was..) walao~ can don't want to buy this 1 anot!! people will 'lui bi xue' when saw u wear this shirt la...
me: calm down... ( change out and return to the worker again)..
baby: u really don't want buy ya? sure ya? if want then we return back to the shop..
me: I don't want la.. not nice mar.. too sexy liao..
baby: he was so happy ( i know la).. damnn la u...
so I promise myself.. next time wont buy shirt or dress when baby around..
just come out 'lepak' with my fren and buy them back ...
so he was no excuse to not allow me to wear them.. haha
because I'm already buy them back..
till here...
good night..
see u in bp..
p/s= going back to hometown again because of my grandmum bdy and farewell for zhenxian..
love and miss
hugs :)

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