Sunday, November 23, 2008

time= 1.04am

wet dream! wet dream!! wet dream!!!...
don't know why someone keep appear on my mind... then cry when thinking of them(jessie, zhenxian,tang,waicheon,kahmun,yvonne,jing,panjung and many many)... i miss u all muchie...

miss the day hanging out in spore..
miss the day pulling tea...
miss the day making cookies..
miss the day out for shopping..
miss the day playing around..
miss the day laughing around..

miss the time we share something 'rubbish' news..
miss the time we act sampat around...
miss the time we keep take photo around..
miss the time we fighting...
miss the time we emo..

many many many sweet memories la... suddenly emo sial... sot plug already la... ignore me ya... long time didn't gather already so maybe of this emo loll.... haha>.<
what happend to you babi shan!!!!

late night can't sleep because i miss u all...haha...

take care fren^^
miss n love ~

Thursday, November 20, 2008

date: 20-11-2008
time: 5:25pm

i'm quite busy recently so have no time to shout out at here... assignment, presentation, sketching, mock-up, moodboard and bla bla bla... going to kill me with my coursework... 24 hours really not enough for me okie!!! rush and rush and rush.... wth*%*^$^$.... yesterday i rushly doing my presentation for today morning class.. it spend me whole day to do that... complet at 3.30am..... tuesday, me and my classmate went to starhill village to take the picutre...[ p/s= all the interior inside the starthill was not allow to photograph ] but our lecturer ask us to snatch picture for today presentation... do you know how nervous we are while we 'curi masuk' and take the picture...ishhh.. damnnn!! so many CCTV and guard around all the corner... then I be the ham like sandwich try to take the picture ( stand between two tall guy).. do u know why i be the meat because my classmate said ' you so small and thin! not easily to let people saw lolll~ phewww.... but this idea really work man!!! because of the stupik idea... i got 70++ picture..haha that good enough share with all of us...
really nice the interior of starhill village.. the most interesting thing was the toilet mah!!! damn chio man... two different design and idea for the male and female toilet...too bad can't take the photo because got worker inside to help you pull the tap water... WIERD RIGHT!!! i get shock at first...haha...when free go starhill walk around ya...

for my presentation today.. it's quite good but i know i still have to improve my presentation skill. hiak haikkk... thanks kah man and evon ( my senior) to help me on it... muacksss...

gambateh to my final project!!! jia you jia you hong shan shan.... I CAN DO IT^^

love and miss~~~~

Sunday, November 9, 2008

bangsar village~ mid valley~ the gardens

tired! tired!! tired!!!

hanging out whole day with yua, andry and bangs.. this is the first time we went to bangsar village... haha.. there got so many boutique.. the price quite normal not so expensive.. so i bought quite alot of things lah.. hiak hiakk.. [gonna get ppl kill already]... then we having our lunch at one small little shop ' Restaurant Canttena'... the menu sold out all italian food but after we order pengzzz NON Italian style also...
*Italia fried fish cake* (just the normal fried fish cake lah.. idiot man.. this cost rm7.90)
*french butter toast with garlic soup*
( nothing special also loll.. just the shape of toast change into round shape only ..cost rm9.90)

after that, we went to mid valley and the gardens to look some stuff ..... yeah^^ we round and round and round finally i bought what i want!!! haha.. happy^^... so pity for bangs and andry because they feel really really tired lolll... no choice la.. who ask u all go shopping with girl girl... so be patience ya...haik haikk... blekss.. before going back, we having our dinner at sushi zanmai.. yummy yummy^^

*kastu undon* nice man...

*soft shell crab with rice* my favourite neh^^
we went back after dinner loll... ermmm conclusion, today i spend so alot of money lah.. omg>.<><

Saturday, November 8, 2008

NEWAY cheong K~

fuiyoh~ today hanging out with my fellow classmate first, we having field trip at near by ampang here..1st destination was ampang city plaza... we went to a urban culture furniture shop.. inside show out all urban stlye furniture.. really nice la but not interested for me..haha.. after a couple of minutes, we went to another kitchen show room at fella design. This was really attracted me to see it loll.. damn nice and chio... plus damn IN loll... i sure wanna get a cool kitchen in my future house..haha.. but when i saw the price, i gonna fainted.... haha.. [the trip not the main thing for us].. the main 1 was where should we go after the trip mar...haha ... everyone fast fast finished the trip then want go out 'lepak'..hiak hiak.. p/s= oi, jason disappointed with u all la.. wakaka...
finished the trip we rushed make a conclusion to go to time square cheong K... yeah yeah... this was the first time anson went out together with us wor [ anti-social guy]... haha... enjoys and having fun with u all la... sing until abit 'sao xia' liao... but good!! nice!!! going out again next time ya guys...


Thursday, November 6, 2008

i'm here again~

it has been 2 week since my last post.. so sorry for my pity toilet bowl... i'm here and updated for u all yea^^ this few week busy for my assignment n field trip... just hand up all my assignment at 12pm... omg >.< damn hard and tough man!!! you thought all was over? NOT!!! final project on hand NOW.... ishhhh~ feel bluring for everything right now... tired+hungry+fever+headache!! what the hell... argggggg~ but finally my 1st sememster result was released.. haha.. happy happy happy*** not bad yea plus past all the subject jor~~ fuiyoh^^ do my best in 2nd sem now... SPURN ON girl!!

actually i gonna back to hometown today but crash with tomorrow field trip!! T.T i miss u baby~~ promise you already going back but i can't make it... so sorry baby^^ i'm sure go back next week ok!!!! because i bought the ticket for next week already.. so lets go BBQ ya.. hehe.. [p/s= mao, i sure help u buy the thing back la... don't worry]...

again, i cutted my hair shorter than before... because of this i got scold by so many fellow friends... 'WHY YOU CUT SO SHORT!! SOT AR U.... MACAM BOY BOY LAH' damn.... at first i want go for rebond my hair only..but the hair stylist(H) said ' aiyo no need rebond la.. cut it la..' then i think a few second ermmm okie loll.. cut lah cut lah but dunwan too short ya... '(H):enen, okie i just cut the messy hair.. make it more nicer...' pheww~~~ at the end so short my hair was born... i gonna pengsan already.. so i promise i wont cut my hair these few month dy... grow fast fast my hair leh... i very super regret now!! T.T... post up the picture on next blog yea^^