Saturday, November 8, 2008

NEWAY cheong K~

fuiyoh~ today hanging out with my fellow classmate first, we having field trip at near by ampang here..1st destination was ampang city plaza... we went to a urban culture furniture shop.. inside show out all urban stlye furniture.. really nice la but not interested for me..haha.. after a couple of minutes, we went to another kitchen show room at fella design. This was really attracted me to see it loll.. damn nice and chio... plus damn IN loll... i sure wanna get a cool kitchen in my future house..haha.. but when i saw the price, i gonna fainted.... haha.. [the trip not the main thing for us].. the main 1 was where should we go after the trip mar...haha ... everyone fast fast finished the trip then want go out 'lepak'..hiak hiak.. p/s= oi, jason disappointed with u all la.. wakaka...
finished the trip we rushed make a conclusion to go to time square cheong K... yeah yeah... this was the first time anson went out together with us wor [ anti-social guy]... haha... enjoys and having fun with u all la... sing until abit 'sao xia' liao... but good!! nice!!! going out again next time ya guys...


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