Thursday, November 6, 2008

i'm here again~

it has been 2 week since my last post.. so sorry for my pity toilet bowl... i'm here and updated for u all yea^^ this few week busy for my assignment n field trip... just hand up all my assignment at 12pm... omg >.< damn hard and tough man!!! you thought all was over? NOT!!! final project on hand NOW.... ishhhh~ feel bluring for everything right now... tired+hungry+fever+headache!! what the hell... argggggg~ but finally my 1st sememster result was released.. haha.. happy happy happy*** not bad yea plus past all the subject jor~~ fuiyoh^^ do my best in 2nd sem now... SPURN ON girl!!

actually i gonna back to hometown today but crash with tomorrow field trip!! T.T i miss u baby~~ promise you already going back but i can't make it... so sorry baby^^ i'm sure go back next week ok!!!! because i bought the ticket for next week already.. so lets go BBQ ya.. hehe.. [p/s= mao, i sure help u buy the thing back la... don't worry]...

again, i cutted my hair shorter than before... because of this i got scold by so many fellow friends... 'WHY YOU CUT SO SHORT!! SOT AR U.... MACAM BOY BOY LAH' damn.... at first i want go for rebond my hair only..but the hair stylist(H) said ' aiyo no need rebond la.. cut it la..' then i think a few second ermmm okie loll.. cut lah cut lah but dunwan too short ya... '(H):enen, okie i just cut the messy hair.. make it more nicer...' pheww~~~ at the end so short my hair was born... i gonna pengsan already.. so i promise i wont cut my hair these few month dy... grow fast fast my hair leh... i very super regret now!! T.T... post up the picture on next blog yea^^

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