Sunday, November 9, 2008

bangsar village~ mid valley~ the gardens

tired! tired!! tired!!!

hanging out whole day with yua, andry and bangs.. this is the first time we went to bangsar village... haha.. there got so many boutique.. the price quite normal not so expensive.. so i bought quite alot of things lah.. hiak hiakk.. [gonna get ppl kill already]... then we having our lunch at one small little shop ' Restaurant Canttena'... the menu sold out all italian food but after we order pengzzz NON Italian style also...
*Italia fried fish cake* (just the normal fried fish cake lah.. idiot man.. this cost rm7.90)
*french butter toast with garlic soup*
( nothing special also loll.. just the shape of toast change into round shape only ..cost rm9.90)

after that, we went to mid valley and the gardens to look some stuff ..... yeah^^ we round and round and round finally i bought what i want!!! haha.. happy^^... so pity for bangs and andry because they feel really really tired lolll... no choice la.. who ask u all go shopping with girl girl... so be patience ya...haik haikk... blekss.. before going back, we having our dinner at sushi zanmai.. yummy yummy^^

*kastu undon* nice man...

*soft shell crab with rice* my favourite neh^^
we went back after dinner loll... ermmm conclusion, today i spend so alot of money lah.. omg>.<><

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