Tuesday, July 28, 2009

date : 28th July 2009
time : 9.27pm
I am SO SO SO~
BIG BIG DAY for my dearest^^
baby yvonne,18
babi xian ,19

shan sing birthday song for both of u..
Happie Bufday to u..
Happy Birdday to u...
Hacpy Biday to u..
Happy Birthday to U and U>>
May Yvonne
-grow pretty and cute
-stay sweet and lovely wif mr bb
-stay health and rest more
-God bless u
May Zhen Xian
-stay handsome and babi (ahahahah)
-stay healthy
-miss me thru the night (lalalala)
- fast fast can fly
-take good care
-wish me pass all the subject this term
(then i'll fly next year too)
- GOD guide u all the way
hearts load..
signing off,
somebody miss me =)

Thursday, July 23, 2009

date: 23th July 2009
time: 2.37pm
feels down!!
feel hurt!!
really super hurttttt!!!
do u know what is hurt!!!
do u know what is break ppl heart!!!
do u know what is tears like hell!!!
You don't know!!!
You know show ur ''blackie' face on me!!!
You know scream me in front of ppl!!
You know share everys privacy wif ur bud!!
Ur buds teached me how to do!!!
Ur buds told me what is ur feeling!!
Ur buds knew everythings!!
ishh ishh ishhh..
U are a liar!!
Ur buds also liar!!!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

date: 18th July 2009
time: 12.00am
Clock pointed in 12:00am
18th July
my baby girl- hui ngee birthday
Happieee Birthdayyy to Youuuuuuu!!!
Hearts u loads ah ngee~
muacks muacks muacksss..
pls don't slap me ya!!
stay leng leng o..
u'll be a good nurse always!!
I support u like before!!
I mean it kays??
I help u to blow the bufday candles le..
hiak hiak..
goodie night
signing off,

date: 17th July 2009
time: 10.35pm

Sweeties jaslynn budfay!!
no birthday song for u!!
bcoz sang last saturday already la...
haha.. I know i'm stingy >.<
lovely jas o~
i knew ur wishes is...
we( kelly, evie,chew,jeremy,goh,shan)
jas( tan jaslynn)
we: u can make ur wishis now!!
jas: okays.. (after 1 mintues)
jas: ei, my wishes all is I become pretty~
we: keep laugh n laugh..
shan: walao~ u win liao!!
may ur wishes come true ya!!
stay health and lovely..
good luck in ur next coming exam bah..
take care!!
love and hugs
signing off,
someone missing me =.<
ATTN: baby, good luck in ur interview!! do ur best~gambateh.. muacks

Thursday, July 16, 2009

date : 15th July 2009
time: 11.44pm
BIG DAY for Min Hui dearest^^

bdy song for u ya~
Happy birthday to u..
Happy birthday to u..
Happy birthday to min huiii~
Happy birthday to u!!
may all u wishes come true kays!
stay healthy and smile always..
Hearts u loads
love and hugs
signing off,
good night

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Sydney!!! here she comes~


to: siHan 思涵







(p/s 思涵,对不起呀!放你这些照片..别生我的气哦!!哈~)







一起批评不喜欢的人 讲他人是非














sIhaN, i gt to noe u for 9years ald, in my mind, i tink that u re the person that quite humorous,kind-hearted, umm..n alot of words that cnt b describe of u..haha..altot v dun ve much contact this few years, bt i always rmb that i ve such a best fren,that u!!hehe.. U re leaving here soon, n go to aus to continue ur study, all the best in ur study ya..words alone cnt express much that i wanna to tell u right here,bt anyway,take good care of yourself k..n study smart in ur study..bon voyage..sidney re waiting u..muackss..^^hope our friendship forever!!

-sI eN-

Han, remember our 3-year-promise hah..if u dare 2 4get, i wil bong u jia lat jia lat de dearest sis!muackz..^^


Sihan~ frens r like kite, u hav to control de string..if u pull too tight, it cant soar high..if u loose too much, u will lose it..So cherish n rmb us~bon voyage..Don 4g3t us o when u r in australia!!


Sihan~although we did nt meet since primary6 but anyway, o de best 2 u n take gd k of urself in sdney..4ever frenz~


Sihan, gud luck...settle down well ther and dun 4get me o..


Sihan, stil rmb me o nt..hehe..wish u all the best n dun homesick lo..


Sihan, wish u having healthy n happy life in aus..all d best to u!!




Erm~ Don't know where to start, so we start from here. We're gladness to recognize you from primary school and steadfast friendship until now. Since we heard you're going oversea to Aussie, we're pleased for you and actually we 不舍得 you. Bring to mind before when we study at one's old school, that time we can everyday meet at school, study and play in classroom, after that lunch hour at canteen, but the hours passed so quickly. After we graduated, we entry different secondary school, we finished school career and we went to different college but we never forgot you except those bad boys. xD I really feel time goes quickly, wish I could turn back the time, but I know is impossible. =( By the way, we also got some friends oversea to Australia and they say the weather over there is cold, so you must take good care of yourself and don't took overwork about homework and need for adequate rest. So we at here wish you at there homework smooth and good in health. TAKE CARE GOOD OF YOURSELF~^^


小学到现在..认识应该有6,7年了吧...呵呵...你要走了,突然感觉相聚的时刻是多么的短暂,不知不觉又要各奔东西了,你出国以后一定要好好的,好好照顾自己知道吗?有什么不习惯的,一定要自己坚强的去适应,可能一时在那没有知心的朋友,但是请别忘记你还有我们,我们永远都是你的好朋友,无论你身在何处,我的祝福都与你同行..天下没有不散之筵席,一切尽在不言中,只希望你一路顺风...回来的时候找我们出来喝茶吧...(ps 我蛮喜欢澳洲的礼物噢! )


heihei..吴思涵~(让我喊你一次全名啦!每次都是你喊我的咯=p)i knew u i tink hav 7years half le ba..last time we c d photos those we all took when study primary sch 2gether..we all reaLi vry funny lo..omg~好怀念以前哦~stiL rmb?2 of us oways 'smaLL quarrel' d lo but after 5minutes den we are reconciled with each other again..haha!after primary sch we stil gt contact v each other n i m so hapi tat u wiL send d card to me when i birthday n christmas day!until nw i still keep it oh~hehe..last few months u told me u oredi comfirm wan go aus study le, so shock me, so far!非常舍不得你~anyway,hey!mUs take gud care of urself ya..dun1 oways eat fast food ar..i noe u wan save money at ther but oways eat fast food reali nt gud d lo..noe ma?(ltr u become fat until we al dunnoe is u ar,hahaha!)my mum told me last time saw u n ur mum买菜,n ur mum wan teach u hw to cook rite?gud la like tat only healthy ma~nxt time mus cook for us ya!(but say reali d,after ur mum teach u le,u oredi noe hw to cook??)..if gt come back bp mus tel we al ya!den we can gathering again-yamcha yamcha-shopping shopping-yeah!!wahahaha~aLL d beSt at ther n gud luck to u..jiayou jiayou!!!n if gt problem den nobody can complaint at ther,u dun1 4get stil gt us yo0~u can find us d!!rmb ar..we all jus bside u n support u oways..hehehe^^keep in touCh n friendship 4ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!


hey girl, take care and all the best in ur future hard and study smart^^

GOD BLESS U~ take care.. bon vovage..

-yie ny-

han, I also want to shout out ur full name sincerely here!!! 吴思涵,方珊珊在叫你咯!!!! lalala.. XD aiyo, my big big girl gonna leave the big big world to sydney further her studies.. what is my feeling now??? no feeling ?? maybe!!! feeling cry?? not really !! feeling tears!! ya sure to be~

okays, i gonna stop talking rubbish here.. I'm serious now!!! hehe... we knew each other since enter primary 1 in class 1C .. don't know what's chemical bond us to became close to each other in pri4 or 5 until now..still remember u're quite fierce in class as u're vise monitor in class.. keep shouted ' 安静啦!不然我要记你的名了!' haha.. and we still send 'love' letter to each other lol... i still keep the letter and the thingy u give me in the box!! see how childish we're last time..hahaha.but i miss the sweet and childish memorise we had^^

although we enter the different school in secondary but we're still contact like b4!Times flies really fast, we're 19yrs now! we forward the stage to college nor either uni!u gonna leave us n send off to sydney further ur studies right now, bear to leave wif u but i know we'll meet up real soon and be success in our future undertaking..right??? I'll be there for u in 1 years times!! be patience ya.. I know u miss me deeply right now and feels like to tears out right?? touch mah??? bleksss =P

last but not least, good luck and all the best to u!take good care for me n ur belove family over there.. GOD guide u all the way.. stay health..bon vovage my dearest fren... 方珊珊会想你的,放心啦!!! love and hugs.. ciao~


Sihan, jus wanna wish u hav a nice journey..hav a nice day everyday at there..miz us always k???find us out whenever u r back to here...i miz u at here too...take frend...T__T



Monday, July 13, 2009

latest post #4__ Sweat loads!!!
finally I found someone go ' sweat' wif me..
si en and pei shi..luv them muchie^^
we went to hutan lipur to 'climb stair' !!!
actually we're just playing around..wakaka
nah nah nah!!
here we're to prove that we going for fun

shan, en, shi
I drove them go.. yeahh..
(coz i jio de mar)

si en's posing.. cool man!!

blekss.. I'll climb to the top...

YEAH!!! we're reached the top!!
(nothing to be pround actually.. haha..)
shan wif pei shi


si en wif me..

last pic before we walk down!!

3 of us..
we sweating loads and
we're sooo FRESH now!!!
fetched them back then had dinner wif family then night outing wif my GIRLS!!!
signing off,
someone miss me
latest post #3
24th June 2009
went to spore for my term break hols..and also..
bring my bro to changi airport and send them of to taiwan for their hols..
then I stayed alone at spore for 3days 2 night..
1st night I had been stayed at my auntie's hse
2nd night, move to kah mun's auntie's hse for some reason..
I bring my bro wif his gf to spore zoo once we reached spore..
because bro lazy to shopping and I'm too no mood to shop..
so his gf no choice to follow us to zoo.. haha
I won!!!
no much photo to be taken bcoz of my stupikness--I didn't full of charge my camera battery..
I didn't bring to charger to spore also.. T___T
here are some of the pic I managed to took..
gonna view more
go to my fb album to view it..

around 9smth to leave zoo,go back and rest..
bcoz we had to woke up early on the next morning to send bro off to changi airport..
his flight was in 8.45am on 25th..
after send my bro..
I went back to my auntie's hse to met up wif my cousin then we off to novena square to bought candigan and short pants!!
due to alots of time to waste..
my cousin decide to play the clay painting wif the kids at the mall!!
we spend about 1 and half hour to finish bah..
then I went to city hall to met up wif yie ny and kah mun..
and my cousin went to ang mo kio cineplax to met her fren..

hanging around!! eat eat eat!!
durian puff+ cheese donut+ tepeyaki stick+swensens+ice cream
then back to my auntie's hse to pack my luggage then moved to kah mun's auntie hse..
we playing fool all the night!!
both of them keep msg-ing..
I keep kacau-ing..
share some rubbish wif them..
slept at 1 or 2 am smth..
next morning,
I met up wif han hong's at city hall..
he treated me a BIG meal before I back to msia!!
thanks ya..
around 1:15pm, he bring me to klang express bus station then I back to bp again..
sob sob T___T
that's all for my spore hols..
nothing much special than previous trip to spore..
signing off,
someone missing me..

Friday, July 10, 2009

date : 9th july 2009
time : 11.09pm

i'm totally out of SENSE!!!
don't know why???
I need a wonderful trip!!
who's want go with me??
(ny,mun and von.. are u wants go wif me?)
I save alots of money!!
when I can go for travel??
(we need to set a date now!! sept? dec? or jan?)
I have a bunch of friends!!
who's the 1 close to me??
(no even one can give me the anwers!!)
I care everyones I know!!
who will care for me??
(u or u?? just me alone T__T)
I'll get a called or msg from boys friends !!!
where's my girls friends??
( I'm feeling sad!! )
Peoples said I'm rich!!!
U guys be friends wif me bcoz of I'm rich???
(suck ur mother fucker..)
Hidden my background here???
(Not I'm from 'blackish family' .. just don't feel like let u guys knows)
please don't prove me as 'miss golden'!!
(I'm more indepedent than u all!! )
Please don't cry in front of me!!
I won't bother about u!!
(feels like u are beggar and idoit!! )
Please don't show off u're rich!!
"my dad drive BMW, so..."
(u hse just got 1 car share by ur whole family btw ur BMW is old series loll..)
men-per-sai-sua-kan sendiri!!
my house got 6 CARS lol!!! 1 family members 1 car..
my dad bought for us..
(I'm not show off to others!! just for the PROUD people)
Don't think u're handsome/pretty!!
we sense u're looks gay/lesbian???
kan-er lah u!!!
I force myself to calm down and don't be so mad of those stupik ppl..
damn sien..
tml need go for class and see 'ppl' again!!!
faster graduate la..
I'll continue my studies but won't be at kl anymore..
bcoz i know 'ppl' family have no money to let him/her further studies to oversea la..
I'll laugh louder as I can on that time!!
i know i'm bad!!!
but i don't care..
I go back again on tml.. hhahaa
see u guys..
especially EVIE ya..
signing off,
good night..

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

latest post #2
4th JULY 2009
venue: pelangi sport cafe
who:si han,peishi,nguai,sinho,wenjun and shanshan
(who send off to sydney on 16th july)
Cam whore!!
lets the photo to be speaking..
(primary school friends)
we force sinho to took pic wif us!!!

the girls of the night..

shan and han..

boys of the night!!!
sin ho and wen jun

ah kor aka xiao y..

ah he aka sin ho
(we sitted together on class since we're primary 2 because we're shortest in the class!!! haha..dun kill me ya..blekss)

pepsi aka pei shi
(the nickname we used in primary school)

xiao Y..

sin ho..
after pelangi.... 'sea side' again..
makan makan makan..
'wan tan mee, ikan bakar, juicy fruit'
(sorry no photo.. i'm busy makan la)

home sweet home^^
bear to leave everyones..
so hard to meet up again la..
byebye and take care ya..
date : 7th July 2009
time: 11.36pm

8th July
si han's big day..
happy birthday to u..

hope u would like the present we bought for u..
u said JULY is ur month..
nah nah~ for u..
u leave me soon la!!!
**my girls**
*knew each other 13years
*one of my bbf
*leave msia on 16th July
*send off to aus-sydney futher her studies
*pursue her dream and future..
*take good care over there
* keep in touch as like before
*friends forever lasting
*all the best & good luck
*pray hard for u..
GOD BLESS YOU all the way u are..
miss and love..
hug hug hugs

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

latest post #1
13th JUNE 2009
2days 1 night
Cameron Highlands- family days
by HHH
lets the photos to be..
my family VS younger's uncles family

mummy bought it back.. haha

waiting for others..

stupik uncle!! I HATE HIM..
he was drunk while we had breakfast loll..
then he vomit out the Carlsberg back on me while I'm enjoy my food...
damn fucking u..
I stand up and pulled the uncle in front of all the HHH members(100+ ppl)
I looks really mad on that time..
I'll slap him if not front of so many ppl..
then he back to hotel slept outside the yard..
no even one care about him lol..
who care u la..
stupik u..
nasib baik didn't spoilt my trip..
me and mummy..

eldest sis wif elder aunt

po po wif sis^^
me and popo^^

2nd sis wif elder aunt

'CIRCLE' time!!
(mean gather time.. 'an hao' of HHH)
show 'love' to daddy time!!
(celebrate father's day )
shout out loud to ur dad wif the quote
'daddy, happy father's day.. I LOVE U^^'

games time..
I didn't join them..
I'm the olders amount the youth..

present time!!
(everyones got the gift that prepared by auntie allen)

(main water for HHH members)

arghh.. I drank it too...
(carlsberg make me feels warm enuf.. I LOVE U)
the weather really COLD man!!!
we thought cameron wont be so cold on that period..
how come it make me feels cry lol..
Is times to check out ..
Johor 1,2,3,and 4

my belove sister^^
ling shan pose-ing..

siow shan wif strawberry
ling shan wif strawberry pillow
shan shan busy pose-ing..
little umbrella

last meals at cameron...
serve wif strawberry steam boat..

vege spaghetti
strawberry tiramisu serve wif vanilla fresh cream

bye bye cameron..
nice trip wif family and all the members..
miss yeah
end with love