Tuesday, July 28, 2009

BIG BIG DAY for my dearest^^
baby yvonne,18
babi xian ,19

shan sing birthday song for both of u..
Happie Bufday to u..
Happy Birdday to u...
Hacpy Biday to u..
Happy Birthday to U and U>>
May Yvonne
-grow pretty and cute
-stay sweet and lovely wif mr bb
-stay health and rest more
-God bless u
May Zhen Xian
-stay handsome and babi (ahahahah)
-stay healthy
-miss me thru the night (lalalala)
- fast fast can fly
-take good care
-wish me pass all the subject this term
(then i'll fly next year too)
- GOD guide u all the way
hearts load..
signing off,
somebody miss me =)

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