Tuesday, July 7, 2009

latest post #1
13th JUNE 2009
2days 1 night
Cameron Highlands- family days
by HHH
lets the photos to be..
my family VS younger's uncles family

mummy bought it back.. haha

waiting for others..

stupik uncle!! I HATE HIM..
he was drunk while we had breakfast loll..
then he vomit out the Carlsberg back on me while I'm enjoy my food...
damn fucking u..
I stand up and pulled the uncle in front of all the HHH members(100+ ppl)
I looks really mad on that time..
I'll slap him if not front of so many ppl..
then he back to hotel slept outside the yard..
no even one care about him lol..
who care u la..
stupik u..
nasib baik didn't spoilt my trip..
me and mummy..

eldest sis wif elder aunt

po po wif sis^^
me and popo^^

2nd sis wif elder aunt

'CIRCLE' time!!
(mean gather time.. 'an hao' of HHH)
show 'love' to daddy time!!
(celebrate father's day )
shout out loud to ur dad wif the quote
'daddy, happy father's day.. I LOVE U^^'

games time..
I didn't join them..
I'm the olders amount the youth..

present time!!
(everyones got the gift that prepared by auntie allen)

(main water for HHH members)

arghh.. I drank it too...
(carlsberg make me feels warm enuf.. I LOVE U)
the weather really COLD man!!!
we thought cameron wont be so cold on that period..
how come it make me feels cry lol..
Is times to check out ..
Johor 1,2,3,and 4

my belove sister^^
ling shan pose-ing..

siow shan wif strawberry
ling shan wif strawberry pillow
shan shan busy pose-ing..
little umbrella

last meals at cameron...
serve wif strawberry steam boat..

vege spaghetti
strawberry tiramisu serve wif vanilla fresh cream

bye bye cameron..
nice trip wif family and all the members..
miss yeah
end with love

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