Friday, July 10, 2009

date : 9th july 2009
time : 11.09pm

i'm totally out of SENSE!!!
don't know why???
I need a wonderful trip!!
who's want go with me??
(ny,mun and von.. are u wants go wif me?)
I save alots of money!!
when I can go for travel??
(we need to set a date now!! sept? dec? or jan?)
I have a bunch of friends!!
who's the 1 close to me??
(no even one can give me the anwers!!)
I care everyones I know!!
who will care for me??
(u or u?? just me alone T__T)
I'll get a called or msg from boys friends !!!
where's my girls friends??
( I'm feeling sad!! )
Peoples said I'm rich!!!
U guys be friends wif me bcoz of I'm rich???
(suck ur mother fucker..)
Hidden my background here???
(Not I'm from 'blackish family' .. just don't feel like let u guys knows)
please don't prove me as 'miss golden'!!
(I'm more indepedent than u all!! )
Please don't cry in front of me!!
I won't bother about u!!
(feels like u are beggar and idoit!! )
Please don't show off u're rich!!
"my dad drive BMW, so..."
(u hse just got 1 car share by ur whole family btw ur BMW is old series loll..)
men-per-sai-sua-kan sendiri!!
my house got 6 CARS lol!!! 1 family members 1 car..
my dad bought for us..
(I'm not show off to others!! just for the PROUD people)
Don't think u're handsome/pretty!!
we sense u're looks gay/lesbian???
kan-er lah u!!!
I force myself to calm down and don't be so mad of those stupik ppl..
damn sien..
tml need go for class and see 'ppl' again!!!
faster graduate la..
I'll continue my studies but won't be at kl anymore..
bcoz i know 'ppl' family have no money to let him/her further studies to oversea la..
I'll laugh louder as I can on that time!!
i know i'm bad!!!
but i don't care..
I go back again on tml.. hhahaa
see u guys..
especially EVIE ya..
signing off,
good night..

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