Monday, July 13, 2009

latest post #3
24th June 2009
went to spore for my term break hols..and also..
bring my bro to changi airport and send them of to taiwan for their hols..
then I stayed alone at spore for 3days 2 night..
1st night I had been stayed at my auntie's hse
2nd night, move to kah mun's auntie's hse for some reason..
I bring my bro wif his gf to spore zoo once we reached spore..
because bro lazy to shopping and I'm too no mood to shop..
so his gf no choice to follow us to zoo.. haha
I won!!!
no much photo to be taken bcoz of my stupikness--I didn't full of charge my camera battery..
I didn't bring to charger to spore also.. T___T
here are some of the pic I managed to took..
gonna view more
go to my fb album to view it..

around 9smth to leave zoo,go back and rest..
bcoz we had to woke up early on the next morning to send bro off to changi airport..
his flight was in 8.45am on 25th..
after send my bro..
I went back to my auntie's hse to met up wif my cousin then we off to novena square to bought candigan and short pants!!
due to alots of time to waste..
my cousin decide to play the clay painting wif the kids at the mall!!
we spend about 1 and half hour to finish bah..
then I went to city hall to met up wif yie ny and kah mun..
and my cousin went to ang mo kio cineplax to met her fren..

hanging around!! eat eat eat!!
durian puff+ cheese donut+ tepeyaki stick+swensens+ice cream
then back to my auntie's hse to pack my luggage then moved to kah mun's auntie hse..
we playing fool all the night!!
both of them keep msg-ing..
I keep kacau-ing..
share some rubbish wif them..
slept at 1 or 2 am smth..
next morning,
I met up wif han hong's at city hall..
he treated me a BIG meal before I back to msia!!
thanks ya..
around 1:15pm, he bring me to klang express bus station then I back to bp again..
sob sob T___T
that's all for my spore hols..
nothing much special than previous trip to spore..
signing off,
someone missing me..

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