Thursday, June 18, 2009

date: 18th june 2009
time: 12.08am

17th JUNE 2009
uncle goh aka ah pek goh aka wai cheon

last year bufday's cake-celebrated at REX..
(everyones played the cream.. yiakkkss)

dang dang!!!
ah pek goh and me^^
song for u..
happy birthday to u..
happy birthday to u..
happy birthday to wai cheon..
happy birthday to u^^
best wishes ya..

Saturday, June 13, 2009

date: 13th june 2009
time: 12.46am
I'm off to cameron highlands after 5 more hours..
for family day which is organize by
Hash House Harries ( HHH),
a club that's my daddy as GM for many years..
but now retire liao la..
so we should support the new GM which uncle gan..
soooo there was the reason I'll be cameron highlands later on lolll..
I got loads of assignment haven finish yet wey T___T
should I bring them go to C.H also??
I don't think so I have time to do..
bcoz loads of activities waiting for me bah..
(heard from daddy)
duhhh... peoples..
I trying very hard to touch out everythings as fastas possible..
baby yie ny was back in bp..
hotchick jessie was back in bp too..
tang waiting for me to had fun..
kelly,evie,raymond,jas,chew gonna end their hols few more days later..
wai cheon- i think he back to bp soon also..
si han off to aus-sdyney soon..
kahmun and von graduate for A-level..
but von leave to NS soon.. take care..
I miss everyones in bp la...
signing off,
date: 12th june 2009
time: 10.02pm
Happy Bufday to Meng Teck aka dylan^^

Happy birthday to u..
Happy birthday to u..
Happy birthday to u..
Happy birthday to ah teck ( teko)...

when u see this don't feel touches ya.. lalala..

I used my time for posting this blog loll ( I'm doing my assignment half way mar..)

anyway, enjoys ur bufday wif ur buddies and frens..

stay happy and cute ya..

don't be a bamboo same wif me le.. si teko ah teck..bleks =p

happy birthday again with lotsa wishes^^


see ya soon..


Tuesday, June 2, 2009

date: 2nd june 2009
time: 8.28pmf

"I Failed For Construction Studies 1"
" Whole Class Failed For Construction Studies 1"
What The Hell..
I don't know the answer lulll...
Hey Peoples^^
from now on!! till I graduate my diploma in RAFFLES!!!
Shan Shan HATE GUSTAVO OSPINA (father fucker LECTURER)
till the HELL!!
what the point he failed me on construction studies??
Easy+Simple+clear= u're COPY from others!!!
we're NOT COPY at ALL...
You should know we did it in class!!! and we did it together and discuss together!! what's the point u judge us as COPY from others!!
then failed us for the subject!!
or else have a meeting with mr.chris (Uni Director) and mr. bala ( vise D)
Irritated lah.. ( ki siao de)
PLEASE don't be another Mr. Joseph!!!
Don't think so our parents are money maker okays???
or we had a money maker machine at home..
can make ten thousands or millions bucks la!!
5000 bucks for every three months REALLY expensive okays!!!
between, we've at least 2 days per week only lol.. but WON't be more than 4 days per week..
my parents paid Raffles not for me to 'Cari Main' lol..
re-take 1 subject paid another 2700bucks!!
Go 'rompak' bank la..
+++NIA MA DE+++
+++QU SI +++
SEE YOU NEXT TERM by gustavo ospina (the father fucker)