Tuesday, June 2, 2009

date: 2nd june 2009
time: 8.28pmf

"I Failed For Construction Studies 1"
" Whole Class Failed For Construction Studies 1"
What The Hell..
I don't know the answer lulll...
Hey Peoples^^
from now on!! till I graduate my diploma in RAFFLES!!!
Shan Shan HATE GUSTAVO OSPINA (father fucker LECTURER)
till the HELL!!
what the point he failed me on construction studies??
Easy+Simple+clear= u're COPY from others!!!
we're NOT COPY at ALL...
You should know we did it in class!!! and we did it together and discuss together!! what's the point u judge us as COPY from others!!
then failed us for the subject!!
or else have a meeting with mr.chris (Uni Director) and mr. bala ( vise D)
Irritated lah.. ( ki siao de)
PLEASE don't be another Mr. Joseph!!!
Don't think so our parents are money maker okays???
or we had a money maker machine at home..
can make ten thousands or millions bucks la!!
5000 bucks for every three months REALLY expensive okays!!!
between, we've at least 2 days per week only lol.. but WON't be more than 4 days per week..
my parents paid Raffles not for me to 'Cari Main' lol..
re-take 1 subject paid another 2700bucks!!
Go 'rompak' bank la..
+++NIA MA DE+++
+++QU SI +++
SEE YOU NEXT TERM by gustavo ospina (the father fucker)

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