Wednesday, December 31, 2008

date: 31 dec 2008
time: 8.19pm

horray!!!! last day of 2008.. ermm.. goona post a blog for my 2008 year... this year should be my 'normal' year bah.. nothing special happened for me!!! started to having my new college life in july.. such a wonderful moment for me on that time lah because gonna leave family and all my dearest fren to start my new life in KL... at first feel glad and happy because parents wont nag me everyday... haha so bad me... but after coming here.. omg>.< such a pity me mar... no family no fren and no transport no food for me!!!! so hard sial.. I SWEAR to be more independent on that time... cook myself!! doing all my houseworks my own!!!! haha.. abit " kap ko" hor...

from now~ i promise i must do something meaningfull in 2009!!! study hard and concentrate all my works then can go to oversea further my studies.. SYDNEY waiting for me ya... wakaka...

ok lah.. no more talking rubbish.. haha.. now at dear bro's hse waiting for celebrate count down party.. we having steamboat later leh.. yeah yeahh.. MY JAGUNG~~~~ muacks muacksss..

1 january 2009
  • HAPPY NEW YEAR to all my dearest fren and famliy..
  • Stay healthy to all ya..
  • Goood luck and all the best in 2009...

till here.. my steamboat waiting for me already haha^^ updated soon ya..


love n miss ya^^


i love u all...

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

date: 29 dec 2008
time: 9.45pm


大家可以和平相处 不要跟你计较将多
我就很想更妳 恨恨的一巴掌扫过去。。

我忍!我忍!! 我忍!!!

yua : 珊“你房间住很多人了! 我昨天回来的时候吓到咯!!”
shan:“L 跟我讲只有两个表妹而已啊!”
yua : “那里是!!全家人咯!! L的爸,妈,妹,表妹,表哥,叔叔”

yua 就问我一句“珊,那你晚上要睡哪里喔?”
我听得出你当时直接 傻掉。。
我就直接问你 “我要睡哪里!你完全答不出来”
因为我不想睡 别人睡过的床单!!
也懒惰去帮你换! 帮你打扫我的房间!
自己弄得 自己把它恢复原状

我也很帅的 面臭臭的走进房间。。

就大大方方的坐在那里online, 看偶像剧!!!




很pek cek 啊!!!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

date: 27 dec 2008
time: 11.45pm

i am back in KL today... i spend my 1week holidays in hometown yeahh... ermm.. this time going back quite nice la... not so boring haik haik.. meet up many fren... ( yieny, jessie, tang, goh,raymond, evie, kelly, evon, and my dearest convent gangs)... haha..

18dec08-- 1st night in bp! 1st gathering wif convent fren... jc come n fetch all of us to siddiq for pulling tea... just 6 of us( jc,huingee,huihui,chew,minhui and me).. ermm.. we update our news for each others.. just a simple talk but enjoy the night wif u all.. haha.. thanks jc's Xmas present ya...

20dec08-- having gatherin wif (yvonne, kahmun,tang,and raymond) at mc donals... omg>.<>.<

23dec08-- latea wif yieny, tang,goh,kelly,evie,evon at tea station... finally meet up wif my bitch baby ny...haha...

24dec08--christmas eve, i went to yieny's church for celebrated christmas same as before... after church we went to pelangi meet evie they all because we gathering for countdown christmas mar...wakaka... we shiok together at there.. damn crazy loll.. i think others ppl gonna slap us dy.. especially the workers!!!!

25dec08--merry christmas everyone!!!! convent's fren having gathering at hwa's hse for siew teng birthday... same as before STEAMBOAT wakaka....

26dec08-- last day in bp susposes to go out wif fren but really tired and sleepy mar.. helping whole day at dad's shop.. so loll.. blekss
P/s uploaded pic in new blog ya...

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

date: 16.12.2008
time: 9.34pm

woww~~ finally i got the free time to update my 'toilet bowl'.... last few day, i'm totally out of stress man!!! everyday final project final project!!!!! mock-up, plan, section, elevation, mood board, one point pespective and presentation.... (@&^*$)@@^#&) all these stuff make me feel mad and gotta 'ke siao' lolll... but hiak hiakkkk i had done man!!! today i wake up very early 10smth.. because i need to hand up my final project lah... haha... at the moment, i put all my works on the lecturer's table... fuiyoh~~~ i'm freedom haha... HAPPY HOLIDAYS for ID 2.1 and 3.1 student.... good job for us during this semeters... enjoys the holidays as well ya... ( have a time then we go out lepak at mid night again ya)-pooling, bowling, cheong K, gaming.... see u all next semeters....

yeah yeahhh.... i miss family, i miss my bed, i miss my horny fren, i miss all my bp buddies, i miss my baby..waiting for me yea... i'm going back this thursday... lets lepak-ing and shiok around ya... bp is a good place for us to shiok around... haha...

i want go for shopping tomorrow lolll... maybe alone or with fren... not sure yet... if anyone want to join me.... phone me la.. no need to wait la!!! hiak hiakkk...


see u all round soon...

miss n love^^


Monday, December 8, 2008

date: 7-12-2008
time: 10.19pm

yesterday my parents came kl to find my sisters and me... actually is my mom wanna shopping for mega sale mar... haha... 2nd sis's bf fetch us go pudu station fetch dad n mom also! after that we straight away went to klcc for my mom shopping trip... wakaka... she so excited while looking for the sign " SALE" ! a few second, u can directly saw her took alots of dress and waiting outside the fitting room.! she spend a couple of minutes bought 2 IORA dress, 3 MNG shirt, and help dad choosed 1 CROCODILE shirt and 1 BONIA shirt. we rushing mom to paid the bill around 5pm because our family have dinner with sis's bf family at one of the restaurant at 6.30pm. ( kl everyday started jammed on that time!! stuck) ishhh... these was my 1st time feel uncomfortable and expensive dinner in 18th years!!! the dinner cost RM2425.00.. omg>.< expensive right!!! i gonna fainted when i saw the bill...haha... about 12 person of us plus 3 baby.. do you know why so costy??? because of the crab called " da za xie" ( difficult to get de!! have it own season so costy loll!!! ) 1 crab cost rm 60 ! we order 12 of it cost rm 720 of the crab fish ( i dunoe called what) it cost rm 500++... and 6 others food lah...

really expensive but quite nice lah... never ate the ' da za xie' before loll... damn cool u know!!! 1 people have 1 crab... wakaka....

after dinner we continue mom shopping trip again at bangsar village.. at there she bought 1 dress only but me and sis bought alots wakaka...we stay at "people's" the shop name half an hour then terus balik sis hse dy... dad want to slept already... so mom agree loll... back n rest early then next day have more energy to shopping!!! pengzzzz...

we wake up very early around 9 then having breakfast at a hallker center near sis hse... after finish, sis's bf fetch us go sunway pryamid again... wakaka... mom spend thounsand ringgit in sunway lolll... goshhhhh... 1 GUESS hand bag, 2 VIOR dress, and many many things la... can't remember... i knew she very happy buying the clothes but pity for sis's bf and dad... stay at there whole day but bought nothing...wakaka... yeahh...

jessie and raymond coming KL tomorrow... omg>.< my wallet gonna broke a big hole again... SHOPPING SHOPPING SHOPPING!!!! SALE SALE SALE!!! all waiting for us...

love n miss^^

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

i miss u badly (o.O)

i miss u muchie ( >.)

i miss u deeply ( ^^)

you're my bitchie CHUA YIE NY~~


[p/s= izzit okie?] haha

love ya... hugs:)

Monday, December 1, 2008

date: 1december 2008
time: 6.32pm

just back from bp to kl... december already!!! time flies~ last month for 2008... started worries about my final project.. that should be hand up after two weeks more... no more last minutes for me! haha... luckily i started last few weeks dy... but still scared that i can't hand up on time mar... anyway, try my best to do it... GAMBATEH!!!

last few days (27 nov 2008 - 30 nov 2008) i having my 'relax' weeks at hometown.. avday hanging out with fren, pulling tea and do some stupik stuff as like before we always did!! ahah... damn childish^^.. thanks buddies~ miss u all yea... plus many of my fren birthday on last week.. ( 27-hanhong, 28-ruimieg, 29-huishin and my babe, 30-koukliang)... happy birthday agains for all of u ya^^ meet up soon( end of december)..

take care~