Wednesday, December 31, 2008

date: 31 dec 2008
time: 8.19pm

horray!!!! last day of 2008.. ermm.. goona post a blog for my 2008 year... this year should be my 'normal' year bah.. nothing special happened for me!!! started to having my new college life in july.. such a wonderful moment for me on that time lah because gonna leave family and all my dearest fren to start my new life in KL... at first feel glad and happy because parents wont nag me everyday... haha so bad me... but after coming here.. omg>.< such a pity me mar... no family no fren and no transport no food for me!!!! so hard sial.. I SWEAR to be more independent on that time... cook myself!! doing all my houseworks my own!!!! haha.. abit " kap ko" hor...

from now~ i promise i must do something meaningfull in 2009!!! study hard and concentrate all my works then can go to oversea further my studies.. SYDNEY waiting for me ya... wakaka...

ok lah.. no more talking rubbish.. haha.. now at dear bro's hse waiting for celebrate count down party.. we having steamboat later leh.. yeah yeahh.. MY JAGUNG~~~~ muacks muacksss..

1 january 2009
  • HAPPY NEW YEAR to all my dearest fren and famliy..
  • Stay healthy to all ya..
  • Goood luck and all the best in 2009...

till here.. my steamboat waiting for me already haha^^ updated soon ya..


love n miss ya^^


i love u all...

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