Monday, December 1, 2008

date: 1december 2008
time: 6.32pm

just back from bp to kl... december already!!! time flies~ last month for 2008... started worries about my final project.. that should be hand up after two weeks more... no more last minutes for me! haha... luckily i started last few weeks dy... but still scared that i can't hand up on time mar... anyway, try my best to do it... GAMBATEH!!!

last few days (27 nov 2008 - 30 nov 2008) i having my 'relax' weeks at hometown.. avday hanging out with fren, pulling tea and do some stupik stuff as like before we always did!! ahah... damn childish^^.. thanks buddies~ miss u all yea... plus many of my fren birthday on last week.. ( 27-hanhong, 28-ruimieg, 29-huishin and my babe, 30-koukliang)... happy birthday agains for all of u ya^^ meet up soon( end of december)..

take care~

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