Sunday, November 23, 2008

time= 1.04am

wet dream! wet dream!! wet dream!!!...
don't know why someone keep appear on my mind... then cry when thinking of them(jessie, zhenxian,tang,waicheon,kahmun,yvonne,jing,panjung and many many)... i miss u all muchie...

miss the day hanging out in spore..
miss the day pulling tea...
miss the day making cookies..
miss the day out for shopping..
miss the day playing around..
miss the day laughing around..

miss the time we share something 'rubbish' news..
miss the time we act sampat around...
miss the time we keep take photo around..
miss the time we fighting...
miss the time we emo..

many many many sweet memories la... suddenly emo sial... sot plug already la... ignore me ya... long time didn't gather already so maybe of this emo loll.... haha>.<
what happend to you babi shan!!!!

late night can't sleep because i miss u all...haha...

take care fren^^
miss n love ~

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