Tuesday, April 7, 2009

date: 7th april 2009
time: 5.07pm

MISS me right? yaya,
is u..
who are view-ing my blog now...
(especially dearest evie...)
sorry for not update my blog after a few more weeks!!
here I'm to post my new bloggie for u guys..
1st, I'm just finished my semester break
and now
came back to kl again.. grrr..
I love my colloge ( I lie myself)
2nd, I had my wonderful time hanging out wif my gangs..
watched movie - fast and furious 4
sing K at dunoe that place called...
tasik Y -playing around..
pulling tea everywhere..
gaming- circle of death( jessie teached us 1)
drink alots of water on it man..
phewww~ but really fun la..
I love my besties :)
3rd, I'm feeling tired helping my parents around at shop..
but really treasure on it la..
because have more time to accompany family since I came to kl study..
I love my family :)
4th, I finally meet up with my baby yie ny..
last met was in before new year eve bah...
if not wrong la..
we'll never leave each other one day after right?...
( mr W, see ur baby is mine)..haha..
joke joke joke^^
5th, I'm going to meet 'lee hom' music man after few more hour..
he having a concert promote at solaris mont kiara..
plus my place really super duper near solaris mar...
so later will meet up wif min hui over there..
she is on the way to there by galaxy buses which is sponsor by galaxy..
I'm coming...
6th, tonight finally can see my baby already..
we never meet each other since last week jor..
he had class but I'm have my holiday at hometown...
yeahh yeahhh..
till here...
gonna take shower then fly to meet 'music man' liao...
SHAN treasure EVERYONE !!!!

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