Wednesday, April 8, 2009

date: 8th april 2009
time:2 38pm

Random I
wake up early morning..
'nua' on my bed--2hours..
bath--breakfast--fetch baby go for class
so now I'm alone with my 'sien'mood at home..
belove jessie:)
haha.. because of my forgotten on last post.. I didn't mention my belove jessie..
so now add-ing ya..
thanks her for fetching me around..
lepak-ing kat jalan-jalan..
fetched me went to sri gading JPJ to re-new my car licience..
fetched me went to carlie to take my licience and passport photo..
teached us play circle of death ( the game need to drink alots of water)!!!
because of these game..
I wake up at late night to 'pee pee' 5 times ..
my sleeping time gone laaa..
but really really fun la..
thanks jessie^^
love the one u love in deeply..
care the one who care u most..
had fun with the way u want..
hold tight with his hand when u feel hard..
don't cry hardly because u feel hurt..
smile always like u before..
u're the one I care most too..
love and care^^

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