Thursday, April 16, 2009

date: 15th april 2009
time: 11.28pm

last saturday( 11th of april), I went to zhen xian farewell party at night.. met up alots of old friends.. especially dar kahmun and yvonne( because we last meet at CNY till now).. haha.. nothing much to said la.. feel crying before left zx's house... but I know I can't cry, my tears cannot drop down because if one of us drop down our tears.. all will cry like hell... ( u guys get what I mean right) haha... so before left, give zx a big hugs and wishes.. but when I back home.. turn off my light, cry like hell inside the branket... gosh!!! haha.. ( don't scold me stupik ya..) tears drop down sendiri d... haha... okie la.. some of the photo took at zx's house...

I will miss u alots d.. babi xian..
take care urself ya..
gambateh gambeteh!!!
good luck to you -future-pilot boy...
chiao :)

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