Thursday, April 9, 2009

date: 8th april 2009
time: 10.44pm

Captain Issac aka zhen xian
(my dearst buddies)

This post are special for u..
he's sending off in 1 week time to HMA Langkawi Batch 26..
he's chasing his dream as a pilot in the no long time..
Your effort, we saw it budddies..
I'm still remember when you taking ur pilot test..
After finish ur test then we sure had a short time met at shopping complex..
On that time, u're so down man.. looks like ah pek xian..
You keep telling me.. 'no hope liao la!! so hard lol.. what calculation of that la..?
if i no get it wrong la..
bla bla bla..
At last, you success la.. botak xian^^ haha..
GOD lead you to the way u want!!!
So, appreciate much much ya..
Let's 'jia you' to chase our dreams kays?
I know you can do it..
I did it too!!!
feeling to tears when post until here wey...
don't so touch ya... i know i'm ur babi angel shan..
haha :)
Are u done prepared for everythings?
Sew baik baik and iron cantik cantik to wait me back on this saturday ya..
Cam whore is a MUST for us la..
Everyones agree right?
okays ya..
till here then..
continue after saturday night gathering..
Know the way to fly out.. don't forget the way to fly back ya..
take care and good luck again for u..
P/s= remember update ur new life for us okays? don't waste all of us help u to promote ur blog until u didn't update anything for us..
haha :)

love and hugs..

chio :)

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