Saturday, April 18, 2009

date: 18th april 2009
time: 4.26pm

woww~ T____T
I've been tagged by baby evie..
Upload ur favourite picturer and answer the questions below...

Why do you choose this photo?
erm.. this is 1 of the pic that almost all of my secondary school gang present in this pic..
1st roll from left to right: huishin,shinyin,jaslynn,yenting,peixin,jessie,eevon
2nd roll from left to right: zhangyi, mingsee,esther,siok hwa,siewteng,lipink,minhui,huingee,siewping, yeexuen and me
who not inside this pic (andrea,chaiyin,huihui,peipei,peishi,huiwen,christine,yenyin)
i think that all.. can't remember whoelse le.. sorry..
I miss them very much.. miss the time we sampat, laugh,cry, horny,kacau-kacau together de moment lol..
When is last time u ate Pizza?
last month i think.. had it wif my sister..
The last song you've listen to?
mamma mia..
What are you doing besides answering this tag?
msn-ing, eat-ing snack, sms-ing wif baby..
Beside your own name, how do u like people to call u?
ah shan, shan o, girl, babi shan, ah tut
( I hate people called my full name "Hong Shan Shan)
this is so rude i think.. 'mei li mao' haha..
Tag 6 person. The following question is related to them.
yie ny
chuin cherng
zhen xian
Who is No1?
my lovely baby.. thanks of his caring and love me..
I love u too
haha.. :)
No 3 have a relationship with?
mr melvin, MUST take good care of my darling jessie okay?
Say something about No5.
hutan boy aka tang, who brings alots of fun for us.. and sesat in perak to 'cari' pertol for us..haha^^miss your cold joke la..
How about No4?
black black kelly with a kind heart.. can sampat together with her everywhere okay!!
I miss u baby kelly..
Who is No2?
my besties sister, I can share everything with her, cry in front of her, don't worry to show out all my secret wif her.. I can play and chit chat wif her family closely..
I love u darling^^
Say something to No 6!
take care babi xian.. don't worry ya.. i'll take care myself d.. U also kays? don't skip ur meal hor..
remember our promise!!! gambateh gambeteh to chase our dream ya..
miss u..

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