Saturday, November 28, 2009

I'm so sad and lonely.
Suddenly, I felt so lost.
It hard to get back all the sweet memories.
Right now, I felt so dead.
After this situation, I'm gone.
I realized I've place X in an important part.
X might be become part of my life?
It become a quetion mark?? .
I'm down.
To the extent, I almost break down again.
As I think back now, I think this is crazy.
How can someone ever break me down?
I must be insane.
I just spend sometime, cool down my mind.
Praying. Thinking .Analyzing.

Finally, I can comprehend totally why this incident happened to me.
I did not blame God,
I did not blame others,
but I thank Him instead,
for revealing my weakness.
I’m blessed.
Indeed, a blessing in disguise.
I lifted up prayers of my fear & sadness.
I cry out for another chance.
I asked for hopes & U-turn.
But it won't be happen again.
I thank the Lord for His finished work.
I trust & rec’d all the blessing despite unhappy circumstances.
He sees my faith because I see grace in this current situation.
I pray so hard.
Bless him stay well, live well.
Bless him fullfill his dreams.
Bless him stay strong.
I Care You no matter what.
You will be stay deep in my heart.
Love . Hearts

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