Monday, January 12, 2009

date: 12 jan 2009
time: 4.16pm

am in bad mood now.. dunoe why?????!! hemppp..sob sob =.=
today having the 1st classes for my presentation drawing 1 which is combined with junior ID 2.1 student!!! omg>.< all of them are so 'lanci' lolll... damn fucker sial... thought all of u are SMOKER very pandai meh!!! cool? macam 'da kor' ??? body size bigger than us win meh?? ishhh.. macam kanasai loll... PLEASE la!!! all of u will mati cepat than us okie... lung cancer memang!!!!

yesterday I masuk emergency mar... ishh... TAWAKAL HOSPITAL at jalan pahang... because of XXXXXX ... my stomach damn pain leh.. macam gonna die on that time... can't breath also.. plus vomit also... damn lolll... when I reached tawakal hosp the male nurse pull out the wheel chair for me to sitted on... omg my god!! was my 1st time to sit on wheel chair mar... damn pai seh loll.. because i have no enegry to walked!!! no choice... lalala.. then they help me to move up to the bed... i rolling here n there!!! kicked here n there while waiting for the doctor!! pain jor... wait for a couple of mins, the doctor came and gave me a check out.. i shout out with the doctor.. " faster give me an injection... i cannot tahan anymore!!! " doctor shocked and talked with me... " ah mio, sabar la... bagi aku check dulu... baru boleh bagi injection... nanti i inject salah u mati.. mana boleh!!" ishhh.. talk with rubbish la... my body sweat not because am hot.. is 'mao leng han' lah... pengzzz... haha.. wait for a couple of mins again, one of the nurse come in and give me an injection... woww~ after injected i had no more pain anymore... ishh... babi doctor la... i sudah cakap dengan u mar... bagi inject sudah la... 'hai wo tong dao zhe yang jiu' !! slap u ar... lalala...

hope i won't get pain anymore lah.... please!!!
pain pain go away~ little shan shan wants to play~

-the end-

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