Tuesday, January 6, 2009

date: 6Jan2009
time: 12.23am

arghhhhh~ i yawnnnnnnn but my mind dunwan rest yet!! fuck off lahh... am prepared to sleep on 10pm just now!! after clean up, started to sleep dy.. BUT I don't know why????? can't sleep mar!!! lying here !! lying there!! change poseessss!!!! change placeeee!!! change angellllll!!!!! ishhh... sleepy mood please come forward on my mind!!! i can't meet u in my sweety dream... omg>.< i gonna mad soon lah.... tomorrow still got morning class leh... don't play me la... pleaseeee!!!!

now i gonna have a hot hot shower... drink a cup of hot hot milo.... hope i can sleep well later...
yawnn again again and again~~ yawnnnn~~

good night everyone!!!
have a sweet sweet dream ^^

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