Thursday, May 7, 2009

date: 5th may 2009
time: 11.24pm

woah~ my belove bloggie!! I've been long time didn't update already=) ermmm... the reason why???? Swing mood+uncontrolable madness wey.. even in college!! I've never 'black face' in front of my classmate.. laughter surround and my vioce spread out whole classes... but now...... I had no mood to talk with my friends or either lecturer nowadays... everyones knew I'm in bad mood so don't even close to me.. takut kena 'boom' lah.. haha..

1st reason,
I'm really really super duper busyyy and out of stress nowadays.. I have plenty of assignment could not finish and couldn't hand up on time... why why why??? what happen to me!!! I also don't know.. this is not my style man.. shan shan should be the one who finish 1st and hand up early before the due date.. but now.... I became the one who finished slower then others or even worst was didn't hand up or either skip the class... WTH...

2nd reason,
I'm still in emo mood.. but I will change it back soon.. I know I can do it... how sad I'm last week... my belove grandmum( mother side) pass away.. she leave us with peaceful smile... nothing worry about and live in happiness with full of 'cucu' and 'grandcucu' almost 100 people wey...woahhh, I had such a big family... I miss you ah ma... silence!!! condolence~

3rd reason,
I didn't get the chance to go out with my college mate since I move into here.. example, today or now.. all my college mate went for clubbing, expect me I'm still sitting in front of laptop blogging .. my house too far from city, so don't even ones 'RELA' fetch me out la.. arghhh T____T although I have car to drive, but sisters not allowed me to drive out at mid night.. wtf***... I cry out without tears lah... you guys enjoys bah.. tataz..

till here end... I still need to continue to finish my mock up due date whic is on next tuesday.. so I hope can be finish early as like before... gambateh HONG SHAN SHAN!!! go go fighting..

goodie goodie night=)
hugs and love..
signing off =)

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