Tuesday, July 6, 2010

No life

Yesh! My boss is outstation for 3 days.. I'm so so so happy =) I can sing as loud as I can in the office.. Nobody will care HAHAHAHA.

Why I'm a happy-chick??

okay, before I started.. I'm going to introduce my company first.

mininalist ID Studio
An interior design firm
work on : residential housing, commercial building & many la.
( lazy to type out)

How many stuff in this company???
eeee aaa oooo

that is ONLY

ya, you're right!!
only 4 person.. hahaha
Boss- Phoebe
Husband- Alan
Senior- su wei
me- shan shan

the boss was busy with apointment.
the husband (i haven meet up with him) because he seldom go office.
the senior who guide me for my internship period.
me- a trainee ( junior design- sound good?) LOL

So, normally only me and the senior in the office..
the senior was quite like dunoe what!!
we only talk when I asked question!!
I can heard my heart beat u know!!
so can u imagine how quite ??

The only thing I can entertain myself
singing LOL..

duh =.=
kill me please!!

I'm all ALONE tomorrow in the office!!



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