Sunday, July 4, 2010

Love-Is-In-The-Home 2

To Continue....

29th May 2010
It was a BIG DAY for my family.Everyone woke up early in the morning 4am or 5am to
get ready-- makeup,set hair, changed on nicely dress and so on. The times pass, relative or cousin came over '1 follow 1'. And, It's time to ready for my brother to goes over his wifey house ( a traditional of chinese ppl).. Okay, the story start from here.. Let's the picture to do the talks..

Charming Groom with his cute trishaw

The so called 'Brother's gang '
Oh gawd, yummy 'shao zhu' wey..
but not for us, which was brought it to the bridge's house..
Started with their games

Lovely sibling ever..
muack muackss muacksss

The only photo I took with my bro
so sad T___T
Boyfie??? Not wey..
Half brother for me =)

Come to the end, thanks pretty babe for helps..
( driver of the day )

End the post with a picture of mine XD
Fishy Hong? Angela Hong? Gou Fei Li??
Oh no,
I'm shan shan hong =)

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