Sunday, July 4, 2010

Back XD

Hey peeps~ I'm back to blog atmosphere... Sorry to neglected my blog for such a long time. I'm mad busy with the continuance thing and stuff to wait for me to completed. The most important thing is I'm sooo super duper lazy to update larh.. ( lazy bummm ) XD

But still, I managed to took part and attended all the activities, parties and stuff now =) Mean, I have more times to blog and share something news to you guys. yeahhh,happy anot? hahaha perasanan wey! Oh ya, I had change my new blog skin too. Nice? I love it so much, because it was first time I managed to change and setting up all the things by my own.. **A big crap for me**
HAHAHA.. I'm still try to improve my editing skill okay? don't blame, I'm a noobie when face with computer software or programe thingy!! Anyway, a BIG Thankiu for those who willing to teach me--step by step okay?? You are so good and nice.. I loop U.. XD

So guys, be patience to my upcoming post okay? I got a lot of thing to blog and share with you. This time I'm not going to be an 'aeroplane queen' to you guys. Stay tune.


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