Sunday, July 4, 2010

Love-Is-In-The- Home♥

Alright, If you're a close friends to me, then you should knew my-the-one-&-one- brother was married on last 28th of May 2010.It's a happieee and sweettt moment for my family or even relative =)

I'm not going to talk chocky here, alright. So, do the picture to lead you guys ( Wedding photo album)..

♥New husbandy and wifey ♥

♥Pretty Sis-In-Law♥

Wedding picture which they took at KOREA =)
(yea,you're not wrong! It's korea.. wth >.<>

Picture took at KL area
( I forget what the place is ady XD)

Oh yeah, here come to the last picture with a normal freshie white picture =)
(the one and only one larh XD)
Hahaha.. end of the post?? definitely NOT wey.. upcoming post with during what we so called " BIG DAY"


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