Sunday, July 25, 2010

Melacca Trip

Late post again =.=
( Picha steal from Veronica fb yea.. so the size was too just too small )

Went to melacca for work + food + walk walk + meet friends..
Veronica was stay over night at my place before the day.. we wake up early around 9smth and go for breakfast before headed to melacca. Alright, it was my first time drive down to melacca with friend. Yesh, I'm the driver of the day =) We departed at 10.30am and reached melacca around 12pm (I know I'm just too slow)..

Driver of the day ♥

Keep self capture when I was driving >.< tak boleh tahan la moi

Then, I headed to meet the client at don't know the place call( coz veronica's was lead me to there) and met up with the client, hand up the document/sample material/schedule/and bla bla bla which given by boss. Once I finished, we was freaking hungry and I was like craving for chicken rice madly. so, veron brought me to the one famous chicken rice shop which we have to queue up to an hour =.=

Cool. I saw 'Uncle 5' tut tut car before reaching the chicken rice shop.. Nice one =)
I want to own myself one too

dessert was the best thing ever after a meal right?? haha.. we walk to a stall selling cendol ( a famous one also)
Not bad larh.. but I still prefer the original one. veron was order 1 original and 1 durian.. omg, I can't accepted durian mixed with cendol lol.. although I'm a durian lover yaikkkks
After lunch and a bowl of cendol.. headed to fetched the girls - hui ngee , ming see and siew teng out for lunch.. Ya lunch again =.= yesh, chicken rice again lol * fainted* hahaha

Was send ming see and siew teng back after lunch, because they were too tired after their nursing sport day at the morning. Ah ngee always the best one ♥ although she was very super duper tired. she still willing to companion me and veron =) we went to pahlawan shopping complex for a walk.. okay there was nothing to buy.. I don't like.. then, photo session started with the 'big boom' * landmark for the melacca huh?? * I was like fooling around as usual HAHAHAHA..

Then Jonker streets at night =) Si ham + dearest friends = perfect ♥
the only 1 picha we took together T_T
After Jonker, headed back to veron's bf hse to took a bath and prepared for dinner. Met the new friend- Mr Beh in da house..
Dinner at a nice place * forget the name larh* It was so crowd man.. 3 shop lot combine together.
food was yummy delicious. but the garden salad was like 'ee aiskkk' hahahah

the demaning girl hahahaha was complained about the 'momosa' which bought by her bf was cacat wakakaka so funny la..
ya, can u spot the behind guy?? he is new friends - Mr Beh..
Narh here a proper one =) Nice to meet u, ah beh kor~
End the post with an emo/tired picha at the seaside
Nice trip to tell.
1 day was just too pack for me larh.. will plan to go again ya.. Mr Tan and Mr Beh, this time please bring me to nice food okay?? Seafood, satay celup... ^^


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