Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Day 4

before heading to 'kaoh siong' 高雄
gt some snap at the 温泉

too early ady.. so had no water inside the pool..
p/s: 地下室有着很多的泡汤设备..
can't go down coz started filled up the water into the pool..

sis,mummy, auntie, uncle

i'm prepared to leave..

let's swing for awhile la..
can't bear to leave here..

on the way heading to 'kaoh siong'
had lunch at XXX ( forget ady)
this so called 棺材板 (coffin toast)
yummy~taste really good!!

narh~ 梦时代
one of the shopping mall in 'koah siung' ..
hello kitty eyes at the behind!!

I love this place..
I ate alot at here..
da bao back to hotel room sumore lol!!!

till here then...
sorry for 'messy' post!!
lazy lol..
day 5 upcoming..

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