Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Day 3
woke up early morning as usual n had breakfast buffet at flying cow ranch
finished ate, we gt ourself ready to leave and started our journey to 日月潭-a beautiful lakeside.

before leave,gt a caught..

training student who had their 1yr training at moo-moo ranch..
on the way to ‘日月潭’

i lurve padi field lots~
sososo much greenie wey
here we're..

being crazy is my style la..
hiak hiakk
he's adorable right??
he called me 'ah yi, wo yao wash hand!'
haha.... lucky he gave me a kiss after i bring him go for a washed!!

after 'ri yue tan', we move to 毛王爷之家
someof the 山地人 stay at here..


after that, we off to took the boat to visited surround of 日月潭
'Goes by boat place'
once jing and me saw this!!we laugh like coconut larhh

being crazier and silly
my style larhhh..
take 1
take 2 --wif jing's sis

take 3- hui,jing,shantake 4- titanic..
huggie huggie^^

next destination -九族文化村
a 'small size' of disney land..

funny siblings-bro-yong, eldest sis-han, the twins-shinn n chinn

darling jing and me..
hearts u^^

when the time we had to gather our group member and leave here
looks so familiar~~
all of the girl was so excited
and ran as fast as possible down to the palace to take a look!

aku sexy tak??then, last destination of the day
we used to over night at here
had karaoke time for youth and old ladies
had swimming for all
had 温泉 for all..

due to the reason of afte dinner can't going for 泡温泉
so karaoke had been the choice for us...
p/s : no photo of us 泡温泉coz nobody help us to took it larh..
after done dip us into the pool for almost 45mins.. we decide to leave and back to our room had a nice bathe and rest..
Day 4 will upcoming soon..

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