Sunday, October 4, 2009

Day 2
we depart from hotel at 8.30am and move to
- 'Yeh Liu' 野柳
-'Jiu Fen' 九份
- 'zi you kuang chang' 自由广场
-Flying Cow Ranch 飞牛牧场

before leave, cam whore is a must-thing to do!!
we got taiwan tour map from our tourguide-Mrs Sally

on the way to 'Yeh Liu'

pretty nice scenery..
dang!! dang!!

nothing inside the geopark actually! a pretty nice sea side with alot of sand or stone lah.. dunnoe also..
i love this pic!! hahaa

the sea was blue and clean..
after a walk and poser, i ran to 7-eleven and bought this!!
green tea for $10 (rm 1)
IN energy $35 (rm 3.5)
very cheap right??
nice to drink lolll
we reached 'JIU FEN' around 12smth
then had delicious mee!!


xiao jing and me had ‘桐锣烧 ’
thumbs up!!

met up wif new friend- shi yi
a pretty nice girl

taiwan is full with motor bike larh..
i think their motorbike tak ada orang mau curi lol..
coz all looks old old and 'lau ya' de..
finally we reached MOO-MOO ranch
actually alot of taiwanese film take a shoot at here ..
still remember 薰依草??
yaya.. it take shoot at here loll!!!
once we reached, terus pay 'mother of MOO' a visited..
and try out how to 挤牛奶
goshh.. the MOO 'private' part warm-warm de!!
abit geli la..
hey, ya here!!
think back the film..
nahhh..that is it..

sinopsis of the drama..
feed 'yang-mek-mek-


mini bike..

one and only one group photo of all of us lol..

loha.. i try out to different way to feed the 'goat'

damn disgusting lol..
alot of saliva on my hand..
but it's fun
poser larh..
after finish all the activity ,we settle down into our hotel room in flying cow ranch then had dinner at here also..
cute cover ...

fresh and yummy-delicious milky-steamboat
miss it alotss..
fresh milk

had a last activity of the night..
everybody shake shake shake...

yogurt milk ball ..

back to room.. had a bathe then sleep..
2nd day wad end in flying cow ranch ..

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