Saturday, April 9, 2011

Happy Saturday

This afternoon (few hours ago), I went to glebe market in glebe street with Samantha and Xiong Ming ( Yh's bofie). Glebe market only open on saturday. These was my first time to go there. The market is something like our pasar malam but it's selling those second hand clothes, local designer's thingy and yummy food stall too. I was impressed by all the handmade accessories and rings. No photos, I'm too busy to looking all the nice and cute accessories. It's attractive me lol. Sorry!! Samantha bought two hoodie for only 10 bucks. I got nothing because it's can't try :( I'm worries it doesn't fix my size! And, I saw a vintage- camera bag. I didn't buy it but I'm regret now! I should bring it back home just now:( Is okay, I will grab it back next Saturday :D

>p/s : save more money for coming Easter sale and winter sale ^__^
: I wish to get a part-time job but I couldn't find one! why la people said me too tiny=.= I'm strong enough and outgoing okay:(

imissmyman <3

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