Sunday, November 7, 2010

Take Care Girl♥

My Girl, you are gonig to leave BP on tomorrow. Don't be sad. Don't think of those neagative stuff. Looking forward, intership can be such a good experience in your life time. Ulu place is good for you too right?? Everything , you don't care!! because I will care about you. Sometimes you are too emotional, who care?? He don't care.. No worries... I care you as usual =) although, we are far apart from each other now. but I know our friendship will last forever. When you have problem or people bully you.. Give me a text!! I will let you heard my sweet sweet voice and warm warm care, OKAY???? Please take good care of yourself. promis you, I will try to go find you..

Good Luck & All The Best Sweetie~

miss n hugs


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