Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Grrhh, sneak-out from class during break time! I was almost 'half-die' during the class. Flu+ fever+ headache... * go away please.. weekends coming*.. my friend said ' fa qiao ar ni, 1pm class, go back on 2.30pm' waste transport fees.. muahaha... yea, no choice!! I've to force myself to go for class to get the attendence then back home.. Smart isn't??

Weather here is killing me.. changed everydays, NOT is every hours??? YESH... Cold.. Hot.. Rain.. Windy.. Sunny.. Cloudy.. * sot de*

Oh no~ presentation tml again?? ya, again lol.. Fashion student asked why u have presentation like everyweek?? Seriously, I got no idea man.. Keep present those notes and stuff that lecture teached during class... LMAO=.=

p/s : thankiu very much suzen of ur panadol!! I'm feeling much more better after a few hours nap=) * winks*

miss n hugs
Barney Boy


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