Saturday, August 21, 2010

Life is fragile

Life is fragile and we are so strong. Everyday living is quite a miracle and our joy is often envied. Still, we can all be flailing and vulnerable. The want and need to see another day carries us all forward.

My Fragile-Little flame,
You are all of these tiny little things...
quite like butterfly wings,
our lives,
so fragile and so very giving.
Living, moving and breathing, puffing spider web delicacy.
The gleaming shreds always remain for us to start over,
once again.

Please don't drift away too far
My fragile, little flame
Your brighter than the others
but I see your true self
Your light is fading . . .
So how can I show you
that we will be your moon
That gives you light in the darkness
That guides you through
your blinding tears
Please my fragile, little flame
don't go out
For you give us light as well

We love You,
my fragile-little flame


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