Wednesday, August 12, 2009

New Term!!

Ehhhhhh, I totally neglected my blog for past few week. coz had no time and busy wif my floody bloody sucking assignment. First week of new term (which is 6th July), I'm started did my assignments lol... compared to past few term, this term will be a super duper hard term for me. I'm 5.1 now, graduate soon man!!!! I need to suffer alots this term la.. btw, my batch was in ' black listed ' + 难搞 de student for all the lecturer!!! Are we???? who care lah.. I'll do what YOU want for u in my assignment!!! I change alots in this term!! ermm, i think la.. no more borrow others my hard works!!! please don't come and ask me to borrow u guys my assignments!!! I won't do it for u.. Am i cruel?? selfish?? pround?? I don't care what u guys backstabbing on me.. I want to graduate as fast as I can!! Won't be like u guys, spending parents money wif gaming during the lesson, failed the subject as u guys expect!! sorry for talked bad of u guys here.. So, i'm find my way to try very best to did well in all my assignments and all the subject! Good luck for me, friends~

6 more weeks to finish this term. I know it was really fast but this is my college style!!!! hahahaah... Live well, die well in this term!! I'm looking forward to my holidays trip to taiwan this coming september!!!
plus alot of plan and outing wif my BBF and guys!! Aja Aja Fighting shan shan aka hong~

signing off,
miss me when u feel alone

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