Wednesday, March 11, 2009

date: 11th march 2009
time: 3.10pm

I'm feeling down..
the reason why cause me down will be...
bla bla bla... (secret la)..
I will shout out to people ones I let it go...
haha.. XD


wuhooo~ finally ID3.1 got the chance to go for trip together!! no more bluff okay!!! serious!! WE WENT TO PENANG ON 17-19 FEB 2009!! wakaka.. we decide to go to penang because loon's hometown.. we got free accomodation and transport over there... haha..
I miss the 'ABC ice kacang and green tea ice cream' wehh!! haha.. wierd right? went to penang didn't try penang asam laksa.. because it taste different with our johor curry laksa.. I just taste 1 spoon of the asam laksa then give back to them already.. haha..

once we reach butterworth bus station it's around 4 or 5am something.. loon's dad come and fetch us up back to their place.. but just got 1 car.. so we decide to masuk all ppl( 7 of us + loon's dad) into the car because the place just near by loll.. gosh.. when we reach loon's place.. this stupik police follow us until his house wor..the police called us 'semua keluar!! mana IC!!!'... i'm the 1st one to come out because i sat ppl leg... when I step my one leg out!! the police looks at me and spoke out ' wahhh... 8 org satu kereta!! mana boleh macam ni!! susah la.. u mau kita macam mana!!' so we collected all our IC to the stupik police!! then the otherside loon's dad talked wif another police that sat inside the police's car.. funny thing!!!! loon's dad give the stupik police just rm10 wor.. they very happy already.. palia lol!!! CHEAP LAH LU ORANG MELAYU!! rm10 not enough for me to buy 1 shirt also loll...gosh!!! haha... MALAYSIA POLICE CHEAPER THAN DOG!!!

ok la.. cam whore in 3days 2 night penang trip!!! ^^

lalala... Batu Feringgi- pulau penang!!!
we when there too earlier so no people around also.. we just shoik sendiri loll.. cam hore here!! cam whore there!!.. haha.. loon told me deep of the big big stone got alot of oster!!! wowww... but no one want be my hero to deep for me!!! ishhh... what guys are u all leh?!!! chehh... broke my little heart!! wakaka...


Next destination " JI LE SHI" ermm.. famous temple in pinang lol.. because once we planed to go pinang.. all people talk about " MUST GO TO JI LE SHI" ya.. this is a must wor.. so go loll.. haha.. ermm quite fun la.. the journey walk to JI LE SHI.. passed by so many 'wierd' stall... for me that's 'DIRTY!! BUSUK!! HOT!! OLD PAPAN HOUSE!!" macam will be runtuh anytime loll..haha... I talked to myself ' be patien.. go temple prays!! It's for my own good!! '..haha.. blekss..


the end^^
planning to go somewhere after we final !!!!
yeah yeahh..
ID 3.1 ROCKS!!!


I'm feeling abit better now la..
cheer up me!!!
bloww blow blowwww!!!

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