Monday, February 16, 2009

date: 15th feb 2009
time: 11.33pm


just a random post about yesterday...
yeahh.. a great outing yesterday to celebrated our valentine! gosh.. so many couple at every corner.. i'm decide no to go out but baby wanna out so we just simply going out lol.. haha.. decide watching movie!! omg.. need to Q-up about 45mins i think... so i prefer not to watch.. haha.. then we having our lunch and walk around about 3 or 4 hours... then return back to baby's house..i had so long time didn't met up with baby's bro and his gf.. have a chat with them..
P/S = actually all of us palying psp ourself.. haha.. we chat without eye sight!!
then night out for dinner.. yeahh.. i bought 'tong shui' leh.. so happy!! haha.. after dinner i went back to my place because baby have to go out with ah liang after that.. so i went back for rest!!

thanks baby for everything ya.. i love the gift muchie.. i love u too la.. haha..
wish all the couple and single happy everyday.. smile foreverlast^^ winks..

muackss.. hugss

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