Friday, February 13, 2009

date: 13th feb 2009
time: 4.16pm

i'm so boring wey!!!

force myself to take a nap but failed!!!

play my pet 'pet society' till bored!!

find someone to chat but everyones look so busy!!

called to my loves but he still sleep.. didn't answer my call also!!

try to sketching my assignments but i have no ideas now!!!

try to buffering taiwan's drama but internet connection low!!!

so i'm here to post a random blog...


HAPPY VALENTINE'S to all lovely couple..

for someone's single.. (join single's party tonight!! ur crush will be there waiting for u) winks..

for someones who 'hate' valentine's!! try to open ur heart again for ur angle comes in!! they're still waiting outside the door..

no matter what!!

hope everyones found his/her lover this valentines ..

omg>.< what i'm talking so much rubbish here ya... sot plug already..
haha.. anyway, wish everyone happy everyday lah... this more important than valentines!! haha.. blekss...


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