Friday, August 19, 2011

Short update

Just realize that there is no proper entry blogged for quite some time due to the dull and boring daily routines I did throughout these day. Or I should blog about my New Zealand trip? Nope please, lazy much!

One more week to go before my short trip back to Malaysia. Actually I not allow to go back due to my final semester. Tones of works, documentation, design concept, 3D model, and etc are waiting for me to complete. But how can I absence during my sister's wedding right?? Important day for me and my family. So I decide to go back, put all the worry after! ! And, millions thanks to my sister and bro-in-law to bought me the air ticket!! I LOVE U BOTH :D
So, I have to finish up all the assessment due on the week I back to Malaysia before that!! Rushing rushing rushing! Tomorrow have to attend the "Saturday InDesign' exhibition throughout the Sydney. Oh ya, like finally I joined the Malaysian Society Club of UNSW. Hope to meet up new friends through the club =)
I think that's all for today. I got not idea what to blog le! See ya people in Malaysia soon <3

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xuen said...

see u soon. wuuhoo ♥