Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Easter Break

Well, I have tonnes of late post to be blog over here. I was busy struggling with my assessment and report this term! I have a urge to transfer back to Malaysia LOL * slap me slap me* But, I'm not gonna do that! C'mon~~ left 2 term to be complete =)

*okay, stop talking craps* As I mention on the title-- Easter Break. Yet, it was happened 2 months ago. I think I did spend my easter break wisely.. hang and fool around. Ohya, housemate's sista and bofie was here for easter too! Picha to be shown...

Most likely place to chill--- Darling Harbour River Side
We spend almost every Saturday night at here just for the fireworks and live band.
Awesome night view, and best place ever for couple to patoh!
* babyboy, faster book ur ticket* LOL

L to R ( me, yee tian & samantha)
the sweet couple ( xiong ming & yee hong)

22. 4. 2011
Sydney Royal Easter Show at Olympic park.
Spend the whole day since 9 morning until 10 or 11 night =.=
But, I feeling good hahaha
Awh 'yang mek mek' <3
( I feel love..hehehe)
The 3 sista with 1 boyfie..
L to R ( yang, tian, hong, xiong ming )
(are they looks alike??)
We did prepared out lunch box and sandwich on that day! the crowd was make me dizzy actually. You'll bang to others wherever you step on =.=

After dinner, we spend our time at theme park! ohyeahh, me super like it!!

Extreme ride make me felt so good after. I did spend around 100AUD on the ride lo!
*killed me please*
btw, only me and yee yang took those ride. * she get force by me also hehe* others were too kia-si LOL hahahaha..

I spotted this crazy-women before we leave.
tricky coat with mickey mouse towel as skirt and sponge bob bag =.=
Group photo before we leave=)
Sydney Aquarium with Joanne and Woon (new friend)
I personally think that KLCC aquarium is better than Sydney Aquarium
hahahaha.. a big sigh because it show different from the website.
Lovely Joanne from Taiping
3 of us <3
1.5.2011 Blue Mountain
last minutes called from owner's daughter, she asked me to join them for a half day trip =)
we went BM with a multi-ticket which cost 2.50 AUD * super cheap* because of the little girl- Amber ling =)

Yeap, "three-sister" the most popular tourist point!
scenery on top of hills is freaking awesome! PARADISE <3
but the weather is crazy-- COLD

Met the Mr Sunset on the way back home.
5.5.2011 University of Sydney and Opera House again =.=
was accompany yee yang due to the next day she gotta flight back to Malaysia.

Till here.. BYE <3

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