Friday, December 10, 2010

Holidays mood ON

Hey peeps..
I end my 1 semester =)
having 2 month summer break start from today.
Happy-- excited--looking forward
Alot of activities for me to go on..
Bondi Beach--Shopping--Lunar Park-- Parramatta--Zoo
(Hope will be going smooth.. plz don't ffk me)

X'mas feel is getting more n more stronger.
Everyshop lot, housing, shopping complex were decorate wif x'mas decoration ^^
Shooo nice...
even my house have a x'mas 's tree too..yippieee~
the kids are busying decorate the living room..
This is the 1st time, I decorate the x'mas tree wey.
I was asking my mom get me a x'mas tree before. but never ever got it lolll T__T
(William & Lachlan, u guys are lucky. got a x'mas tree.. )

Back to the point..
I'm going to shop until drop this time!!
Everythings on SALE now!!!
Tomorrow tomorrow.. Westfield is waving with me.. teehee=)

Will try to upload photo if the internet data allow ya..
I got so many picha to show.. but.. haizz
so sorry peeps..
( act i can go to cafe to get the connection, but i'm sho lazy )

Okay, till here..
Off to sleep.
ciao guys

miss u


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