Saturday, October 9, 2010

Wave from Sydney

Hello~ I'm safety land in the Kola-land on 5th Oct 8: 50pm ( aus time). Move into my small tiny room. It's really small * I swear* Everything is fine and perfect weather. But getting more n more freezing this few days. College was awesome compare to Msia campus and Singapore campus =) Staff and management is friendly enough and classmate is ... ?!* I got no idea* Okay, for those who want to laugh-out-loud. just do it. Yesh, only 3 student in my class!! I don't know how we going to have class like only 3 student =.= LMAO. And, I met new friends. She is a msian-Sheriane, came from KL. nice ppl and we chat non stop when we met.. * yippie* Class start on monday. nervous sial!

p/s : Sorry, I didn't upload any photo at here or FB. bcoz OZ internet connection got the limit.=( and need to pay more !! * I'm proud to streamyx or whatever line in msia* we can used unlimited access to download or surf net!!! That's why I have to take long time to upload picha.

That's all for today. Welcome to Sydney^^


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