Monday, March 29, 2010

♥Newly Interior Designer♥

Date : 24th MARCH 2010
Venue: J.W.Marriot Hotel
Tittle: 23th RDI ( RIC) Graduation Show
Theme : Era Of Style

we're finally a newly..
Thanks God For Everything!

Hee Loon
( the guy who help me alot on my day.. thanks loon! i'll keep my promise, a big meal for u.. haha)

Miss KMY
(besties in class.. mwahh)

♥Daniel, KMY, Lushin,Evon and me♥

thanks for coming
♥sis-in-law, da jie and er jie♥

we are on the stage =)
from left to right
shan,kmy,jin,iranti,nurul,dunoe who, mr george,lucy,evonlushin,anita,daniel
♥me with my panel♥
♥thanks for the flower from sis-s and baby boy♥

daddy n mummy,
I'm finally graduated from my advance diploma..
thanks for spending so much on my study fees..
thanks for the good study environment..
thanks for the support and caring..

♥I love U♥

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